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Krista Fee

Author, International Speaker, Trauma Specialist

My name is Krista “Phoenix” Fee and I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and TBI. I’ve spent my life learning and healing the invisible wounds trauma leaves on body, mind, and spirit. This journey has let me to over 46 certifications in diverse healing modalities and a traditional degree in Trauma Psychology. I have dedicated my life to ensuring healing resources are accessible, diverse, inclusive, real world applicable and effective. There is no one size fits all recovery. I am United States director for Global Healing Write Now, a UK organization helping survivors of childhood abuse tell their stories through writing and publication support, and Founder/President of Battle2BE a 501C3 non profit. I am a published author, international speaker, corporate program developer, and healing guide. Healing is a journey no one should have to walk alone!

We help front line helping professionals (Military, Police, Firefighters, Nurse, Medic, EMT etc) and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, rape, and human trafficking overcome symptoms of PTS and Trauma Spectrum Injuries, find safety, connection, and healing so they can live a life of Passion, Purpose, Happiness, Growth, and Success. We have just released our Write2Heal program helping our clients integrate and process traumatic experiences and claim their voice, identity and truth. As well as our long running signature Foundations of Happiness program. We offer scholarships, sliding scale, and donation based programs for those in need. No one left behind-no one fights alone! Rise Phoenix rise out of the ashes of your experiences and live your life on fire.

April 22, 2022

Not Ashamed: Real Talk on Sexual Assault/Rape & Child Sexual Abuse

**CONTENT/TRIGGER WARNING** This episode includes discussions about rape, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse. I acknowledge that this content may be difficult for some listeners. So please use your discretion. I encourage you to care for your mental ...

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