A Lil Her-story!

On my 50th born day (2017) I took my 1st (of many) solo road trips to an adorable waterfront Airbnb on The Chesapeake Bay. While I was there re-connecting with God, The Universe, nature and most importantly myself, I remembered how much I enjoyed writing, talking, sharing information, giving encouragement and positive energy to folks and BOOM my purpose and passion became crystal clear.

"Kandidly Kristin: The Blog" was born and that blog has since morphed into The Kandid Shop Podcast. 

The mission/purpose of this podcast was and is to give everyone who wishes to be heard, a safe, welcoming, bully-free space to speak "kandidly' about any subject or topic and give those who may need or want to hear real talk about a particular topic/subject, a space for that too!

I discuss a wide range of topics that are real, relevant and often under-discussed OR not discussed honestly and kandidly!

Listen to a few episodes, take what resonates with you and leave what doesn't for someone else!

I hope to connect with you soon but until then I want you to "Keep it Safe, Keep it Healthy & Keep it Kandid!!" 



Kandidly Kristin