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Jacqueline Long is a Business Marketing Strategist, Podcast Host & Master certified Life & Mindset Coach.

Jacqueline helps women start online coaching businesses, increase their confidence and master their organic sales and marketing strategies, to attract clients in their businesses.

Jacqueline has had a 22yr career in the non for profit HIV/AIDS and mental health field. Before starting her business, Jacqueline has held positions as a Director of Case Management, Director of Clinical Trials, Director of Social services and VP of Human Resources. She has three graduate degrees and has taught part-time graduate students specializing in entrepreneurship, HR & marketing.

Today, Jacquline works with clients and manages her coaching and consulting business, Elevate Your Biz Coaching, full-time.

April 15, 2022

Elevate Your Biz with Coach Jacqueline Long

I had the privilege and pleasure of chatting with Business Marketing strategist, Podcast host, Master Certified Life and Mindset Coach & Founder of Elevate your Biz Coaching, Miss Jacqueline Long. Jacqueline helps women start online coaching businesses, ...

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