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Elevate Your Biz with Coach Jacqueline Long

I had the privilege and pleasure of chatting with Business Marketing strategist, Podcast host, Master Certified Life and Mindset Coach & Founder of Elevate your Biz Coaching, Miss Jacqueline Long.
Jacqueline helps women start online coaching business...

I had the privilege and pleasure of chatting with Business Marketing strategist, Podcast host, Master Certified Life and Mindset Coach & Founder of Elevate your Biz Coaching, Miss Jacqueline Long.

Jacqueline helps women start online coaching businesses, increase their confidence and master their organic sales and marketing strategies to attract clients to their business.

Quotes from Coach Jacqueline to Elevate Your Biz!

  • You can do, you can start your own businesses. You can start your own business. If this is something you really wanna do. So step out and do it!
  • You really have to be in a place that you feel comfortable and you're financially stable to do that, to really make that step out.
  • Get crystal clarity on what you want because your "why" is gonna anchor you.
  • Definitely get support, get a business mindset andcoach that can help do a deep dive into your business to see where you are.
  • Establish goals as to where you want to go.
  •  So what I tell people to do is, particularly if you are in the nine to five, I often say use your your nine to five as your investor.
  •  You don't need a whole lot of financing to get an online business started..

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Kandidly Kristin


One-On-One Chat with Jacqueline Long

Kandidly Kristin:  Hola podcast nation is your girl, Kandidly, Kristin. And this is the Kandid shop. today I have the honor and privilege of chatting with business marketing, strategist podcast, host, master certified life and mindset, coach and founder of elevate your BI coaching.

Miss Jacqueline long. Jacqueline helps women start online. Coaching businesses increase their confidence, master their organic sales and marketing strategies to attract clients in their business. So, welcome. Welcome. Welcome miss Jacqueline, long to the Kandid shop.

Jacqueline Long: Thank you so much, Kristen. It's such a pleasure to be here.

Thank you for having me. Oh,

Kandidly Kristin: you're so welcome. I had to give you a hand clap. I love the hand clap. I love it. Love it. Love it. That's awesome. Um, So, I guess I wanna start with, you walked away from a 20 plus year career to focus on your business full time. So tell me about the moment you made that decision and why you felt like the time was then.

Jacqueline Long: You know, that's a great question. Thanks so much for posing that question. You know, I had worked in the non for profit sector for 22 years. I mean, I did everything, you know, the traditional way that we, we are supposed to quote unquote, do things, go to college, graduate, then get a good paying job. And I had had a really great run.

You know, I, I started out after college as a counselor, you know, doing direct services and then, um, case management with the HIV aids, um, population and mental health population. And then moved my way up very quickly after completing my master's degree to a supervisory position. And then of, of course, senior management, right.

What really happened over those years was that I think I got a little burnt out, you know, I enjoyed what I did very much. Um, I enjoyed my work, I enjoyed my career, but I was also raising children in, you know, tending to family life. And I just felt that that. Point that I was ready. I had grown so much in my career, elevated myself to, uh, vice president of human resources.

Hmm. And then felt that it was time for me, you know, the next step, you know, sort of the natural course of my career journey, would've been to become a CEO. And I didn't want that. I had seen so much over the years that. You know, dealing with so much of management, um, politics and budgeting, lack thereof. Mm.

I just felt that I didn't want to take that next step. It was time for me to do what I wanted to do. And I really had gained the confidence in myself, my ability, my skills really step out and do. Take that risk to do okay. What I wanted to do. So it was really sort of a coming of the realization that, Hey, you've done all of this over the years.

You can do, you can start your own businesses. You can start your own business. If this is something you really wanna do. So step out and do it. It was scary. Right. But I did it. back since

Kandidly Kristin: I got, let me ask you this, were you doing. Something on the side when you were working or did you like totally start fresh when you walked away from your career?

Jacqueline Long: I was actually doing some, some consulting on the side. I was also teaching graduate students in business. Okay. I had gotten a, uh, a teaching job online to teach kids, uh, students that were adult students who were in a business administration program. So I was doing some of that as well. And I stepped to, I was able to step away from my job, which is something that I always recommend to everyone.

You know, you really have to be in a place that you feel comfortable and you're financially right. Stable to do that, to really make that step out. So it isn't something that I often recommend people to just do. Um, you know, on a whim, I did plan it, um, carefully. And then made the transition

Kandidly Kristin: mm-hmm okay.

And that's a great segue, cuz my next question was mm-hmm what was the transition like? And part two to that question is what were your very first steps after leaving the career to being a full-time entrepreneur?

Jacqueline Long: I actually went through a period of not working and living off of my savings because I moved also.

Okay. I decided to move I'm I'm a new Yorker, uh, raised in flushing Queens. I'm born in flushing, Queens raised in Brooklyn and I moved to Atlanta. This was nine years ago. And I moved to Atlanta. So I went through this transition. I went through a major transition. It was a life transition actually. Right, right.

More so than just, um, going from being an employee to an entrepreneur. I really went through a phase where I was ready for the new, I was ready to leave New York. I wanted a better schooling and a better, uh, better for my kids to, to, you know, to grow in. And so I decided to move out of state, which was something in my younger years.

I would've never actually. Done and didn't do so I made the move to Atlanta and I actually, you know, sort of transitioned to a new state, allowed myself that transition period hired a coach was the first thing that I did. Okay. I hired a business coach, one of the best sales coaches in the industry. Okay.

And I hired her and worked with her for five months. Okay. And that was sort of the, the beginning of that entrepreneurial transition. They had employee to entrepre transition for me. Okay. And it was the best thing that I ever did.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Now, when you hired her, what were you mm-hmm I guess, what were you looking for in a coach?

Were you looking for someone to. To guide you toward entrepreneurship. Like, did you have in mind what you wanted to do, like coaching

Jacqueline Long: or yes, I did. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a bus, you know, I knew I wanted to be a business coach because that was just sort of the natural journey for me.

That was my experience management, operations, business, teaching business students. So I understood entrepreneurship. I understood business. Okay. I had that background and so, yes. I knew I wanted to be a business coach and I really hired her for more of the mindset work. Okay. More of the accountability.

Okay. And to really guide me through those times where I had a lot of limiting beliefs and doubts that this could really happen because let me tell you something, that's the hardest part of it. Okay. Okay. It's really, truly the hardest part of it. I knew I had the skill. I knew I had the, I knew I had the ability and the background to do it, but it's all of that monkey mindset stuff that kind of intervenes that, you know, oh, this is not gonna work.

You're not gonna make any money. Right. You know, it's all of that stuff that you have to really deal with. It on the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, honestly. So that was why I hired her. And like I said, I felt that it was the best thing I ever did for, I, you need that support when you are doing something that it you've never done before.

Kandidly Kristin: Right. Right. That's another great segue because I wanted to ask. Did you generally find support among your circle of influence family, friends, et cetera? Were they like, girl? What are you doing?

Jacqueline Long: I did. Okay. I did. And my family was extremely supportive about it. My family knew friends did not. Okay. And wasn't really intentional. It was just sort of, I was so busy. Doing things, you know, it was more of a get this done and then share right where you are with people. Okay. You know, because you don't, because I had trepidation about telling certain people, because I didn't know how they would react and I didn't want anyone to take me off course.

Got it. Their opinions. Got it. My family was all that was important to me in terms of. Being successful in this because they always had my back, no matter what I chose to do, I knew they were the people that were gonna back me, whether I was successful or whether I failed. You know, got it. So I was held from other people because I just really was not open to, to people giving me their opinions about what they thought.

Got it. got it. And I think, and I don't mean to sound obnoxious about that.

Kandidly Kristin: No, they say you gotta move quietly, you know, let your success be. Your, your announcement to the world about what you're doing. A lot of people do a lot of talking and not a lot of doing so.

Jacqueline Long: Exactly.

Kandidly Kristin: Exactly. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So leaving the only home you've ever known, I'm assuming, and this is an assumption and tell me if I'm wrong, but your family is in new work still.

I mean, not your immediate family, your children, but like, you know, siblings, stuff like that.

Jacqueline Long: No, I have SI I have a SI my eldest sibling is here. I have family here, but the majority of my family is in New York and New Jersey. And my family's originally from the Caribbean. So I have family in the Caribbean as well.

Okay. Okay. Um, but I do have some family here as well. Okay,

Kandidly Kristin: good, good. Well, that's nice that you had support where you were going. So, um, talk to me a little bit about your coaching style, your model, how does it work and what can someone expect from working with you?

Jacqueline Long: Well, my style is very client centered. I really strongly believe I don't follow us a, a rigid, a rigid structure to my coaching.

I meet the client where they are, because my belief is that every client is different, right? Every client has different. They have different desires. They have different goals that they wanna obtain and they basically of course have different styles and personalities. What have you, and for me, it's about getting to know the client.

Yes. And then working with them in terms of what's important to them and what they want to achieve and will, will talk about. What that might look like for them. I may give them some options as to, okay. I think we can do this. We can do this. How does that feel to you? Okay. Which direction do you feel might feel, um, more authentic to you and more your style.

And then we can go in that direction. My experience, my training, my education over the years, and work with actual clients. In the non for profit sector, mm-hmm, really prepared me to be very focused on client centered work. It really is for me about what the client desires and not my agenda.

Kandidly Kristin: Got it. Got it.

Got it. Mm-hmm . So is your program, is it ALA carte? Can somebody sign up for one or two and done? Is it a package program? Is there a time commitment?

Jacqueline Long: I usually, I don't do much one to one coaching anymore. I do a lot of intensives now. It used to be 90 day coaching. I don't do a lot of that anymore just by choice.

Okay. But I do a lot of VIP intensives. Now I do make. Occasional exceptions for the one on one client, because I really want to work now with people who will do the work, who are ready to do the work, who are ready to step into that next version of themselves and to become the entrepreneur that they truly desire to be.

So I do do exceptional work at times. Um, I, I do a lot of one on ones, two hour sessions, one hour sessions here and there, but I tend to do a lot of more digital courses and products now as

Kandidly Kristin: well. Okay. All right. Well, that's interesting. That's an interesting form of coaching. I mm-hmm I kind of like not having to commit to, okay.

I have to meet with my coach at this time. If you've got 20, 20 other things going on, you know, that's not always, uh, practical for everybody, but being able to sign up for. A course and take it at your leisure. Mm-hmm uh, do your homework. And, um, so in those kinds of situations where somebody say they buy a package of courses, how, how is your interaction with them during that time?

Is it.

Jacqueline Long: Well, most of my courses are, do it yourself. Okay. My intensives, which would, will be anywhere from an hour to two hours long, if there is a specific aspect of their business that they desire to work on, we can work on that specific thing that they're struggling on. And sometimes I offer as a bonus, of course, will support them in that particular struggle.

If I have the course that, that, that supports them, um, I'll offer them the course. As well. And so they'll get the coaching from me, go through the co course and then meet with me for a coaching session or two, sometimes it's one session. Sometimes it's, it's split into two sessions depending on what the client desires.

And then what we will do is we will, I will coach them through the actual, you know, we will talk about it and they can do the coursework on their own, or they can do the coursework. We, before they come to the session and ask. Lots of questions. What did you mean by this Jacqueline? How do I go in this direction?

Give me a little more detail in this. This is what I'm struggling with Jacqueline, you know, so, and I work, help them work through that. A lot of the women they can do the coursework, the skill stuff is, you know, the business skills, the marketing stuff is it's, it's straightforward for them, right? It's the mindset stuff and the accountability stuff that they really need my intervention on.



Kandidly Kristin: Got it. Mm-hmm your general demographic is, uh, what age stage? Like, are you. Startups people that have business are trying to grow it and are kind of stuck. Like where does your demographic generally lie? I'm sure it's a

Jacqueline Long: combination of all of that. It's it's a combination of both now. Okay. Yes. I tend to, I tend to prefer to work with more scaling women, more scaling now.

Oh, okay. Uh, but I do work with brand new. Entrepreneurs as well. Okay.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm so what two pieces of advice would you give to my listener? Someone that's gonna listen to this when it airs mm-hmm , who wants to start their business, but are afraid to take the leap or have started a business and are stuck as to how to grow it into what they want it to be.

Jacqueline Long: Okay, so I'll tackle the first question first. Okay. The first question was, uh, what would I, what would I recommend to them if they're just starting? What mm-hmm advice would I give them? Was that the question? Yes. Ma'am two pieces, right? So I would say to them the first and foremost phase to get crystal clarity on what you want.

Mm, get crystal clarity, clear on why you are starting this business. Mm-hmm . And what do you desire? What is your expectation that this business is gonna do for you? If you are in the nine to five, get clarity on your, why your, because this, your why is gonna anchor you. Yeah in this, you have to have a passionate reason.

Well, you don't have to, but if you have a passionate reason for starting your business, it's, what's really gonna help you go the, the, you know, the journey. Yep. You know, it's, it's, what's gonna anchor you in and help you to look back upon to say, this is why I'm doing this, you know? Right. I want financial freedom, whatever that looks like to you, or I want to create a legacy for my children or whatever that may be.

Do you get crystal clarity or you, what? Get crystal clarity on what you want to do and who you want to work with? I know why. You know why you're doing this. Yeah. Um, and then create the plan as to how you're going to do it. Okay. All right. That's the first part. And your second part of your question was,

Kandidly Kristin: oh, the second part is, yeah.

Sorry. Pieces of advice. That's okay. Two pieces of advice for somebody that has started their business, they've taken the leap. They may still be more working a nine to five mm-hmm , but they are looking for a blueprint or some guidance as to. How to go full in, into their business and grow it.

Jacqueline Long: so for this person, I would say for growing your business, it really depends on where you are and what, um, I would say for this person, definitely get support, get a coach that can help you scale that can help you do a deep dive into your business to see where you are.

Established goals as to where you want to go. What's your income and revenue, um, goals. Where do you wanna grow? How do you wanna proceed and to sort of create that strategic plan business plan for you to, to scale let's look at your offers, what you're offering and how much you're charging and let's, uh, do that deep dive so that you can take the business to the next level.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Now I have mm-hmm . This question is born from alive that I just did. Mm-hmm in terms of financing, where should somebody be when they're thinking about leaving a nine to five, a steady paycheck, where should they be in terms of finances? Cuz we talked about grants and loans and. What people should and shouldn't do in terms of funding their business.

So in your opinion, where should somebody be?

Jacqueline Long: I believe that you should be in a place where you have some savings, but you have also established a funding. Funds for your startup. There are going to be investments that you have to make at the beginning of your business. It's inevitable. Yeah. So what I tell people to do is particularly if you are in the nine to five, I often say use your, your nine to five as your investor.

Mm-hmm , you know, a lot of people come to me and say, you know, put to really women who are just starting out. I'm I wanna get outta my nine to five. I hate this job. mm-hmm I wanna get out. I wanna start this business. And I wanna get out like yesterday. Right? And so what I often say to them is, so now we need to create a plan and that plan looks like a, a, a, not only a strategic plan for how to get your business started, but also a financial plan.

Yes. You know, how much do you need to survive off of? You need to put a side of savings for that. And then we need to put a side of savings for yours startup funding. So now of. Course there are loans and grants that you can get as well. It's not often necessary. And this is one of the things about online entrepreneurship.

That's very different to the brick and mortar sector. Mm-hmm is that there's a very low bar to entry. You don't need a whole lot of financing to get an online of an online business started. You know, it really is not. Required, but there's some investments that you're gonna have to make. And one of them, I always recommend if you're just starting out as a coach mm-hmm

So you look at the financing in terms of that, you save up a certain amount, determine what you're gonna need to live and how much, you know, I, I often tell people, try to anticipate six months. If you don't have a coach, that's gonna make the difference as well. You're hiring a coach. You're gonna have a, a shorter sort of.

um, what's the word I'm looking for? Your, your learning curve is gonna be a little shorter than the person who doesn't have a, have a coach, right? Because your, your coach is gonna guide you through every step to getting the clients that you need to then start, make bringing money in the door. But I would also say this to entrepreneurs do not expect to make a lot of money or first year, most do not.

Right. Some do. and the people who do are technically, usually people who have some kind of background in marketing and sales. These are people who are good at that stuff and can pick it up quickly and they can get clients quickly with right with the help of a coach. But the first year anticipate that you're not gonna make a lot of money.

Right. So really this is something to think about in your planning process, in terms of making the transition to entrepreneurship. Did I answer your question or did I go all over the place?

Kandidly Kristin: no, no, you answered my question. Yes ma'am you did. And then some business coaches. Yes, there are so many . Yes. Like it's like the buzz thing to be.

Now everybody's a coach, a life coach, a business coach, a coach, coach, coach. So mm-hmm what, what did you look for in the business coach that you selected and what should, but entrepreneurs look for in the business coach that they select, if they choose to


Jacqueline Long: that? That's a great question, you know, because I have to think for a moment what really, I was looking for someone that, um, of course had the business skills, but I was also looking for someone who D also had, was able to coach in terms of mindset, who can do them interchangeably, you know?

Okay. Both that's important because mindset is such a big part of, of business entrepreneurship. So I was looking for that first and foremost, and then I was looking for someone who actually, you know, had acquired a certain level of success in what she did. Right. Um, and can show proof of it. And then I, I was also looking for a.

I actually, you know, just sort of personality wise that we, you know, we, we were a match to work together, you know, that she could be tough on me, but she wasn't sadistic , you know?

Kandidly Kristin: Right.

Jacqueline Long: You know, but, um, that was tough was also fun. And like that really just kind of, you know, we had sort of that chemistry that we could work well together. That is extremely important. Yeah. You wanna coach that you absolutely can have open communication with. Yeah. And that you can work with. Well, Because if you are working in a six month program or a three month or a four month program, and you can't get along with your coach, that's a nightmare.

Kandidly Kristin: that's a nightmare. And you're

Jacqueline Long: paying for, you know, okay, exactly. You're paying for that nightmare. Correct.

Kandidly Kristin: so help me get some clarity because mindset coach is something that since I've started podcast thing is something that I see more. I hear more tell me exactly or. Maybe not exactly, but in terms that the average person that's gonna hear this can understand what a mind coach is and what they do for you.

so, or should

Jacqueline Long: do so a mindset coach is a person who actually will help you to work through those, those thought processes that will hold you back from achieving what it is you desire to achieve. So here are some of the things and all mindset coaches are not the same. They, we can have different specializations.

Okay. Um, They will help you to work with things like conf on confidence, if you lack confidence. So let's say that you wanna start a business, but one of the things that you're struggling with is you, you, you are, you are afraid because you're afraid to put yourself out there. Mm-hmm, , you know, you're afraid of what people would think.

you are afraid, um, that you are not good enough. Something that they call imposter syndrome. Hmm. You know, they help you to sort of work through these. Limiting beliefs, things like, oh, I'm not good enough to do that. Oh, um, I can't make that kind of money. Oh, nobody really makes that kind of money. That's not realistic.

They'll help you to work through those kind of monkey, monkey, mind thoughts. I, I call them. Okay. Uh, they help you to sort of work through fear. Lot of my clients come to me with a fear of visibility. Okay. And visibility, meaning they just don't wanna put themselves out there. They're afraid of what friends are gonna think.

Pat family does not support them. So they're afraid of what family will think. Uh, so we have to work through sort of those, um, those issues. Other things are like, Procrastination. If you're procrast, you know what you need to do, but you're procrastinating. What the heck is holding me back. I don't, what's holding me back from getting this stuff done.

And then things like motivation, the desire to do it is there, but you lack motivation. So these are all the kinds of mindset, things that interfere and, and beliefs. Limiting beliefs that we have, that we learn from the people in our lives from childhood. Okay. You know, it's not, you know, it's, it's the limiting thoughts of, uh, you know, money doesn't grow on trees.

You know, you can't make, you can never be wealthy. You can't make a lot, you can't make six or seven figures, you know? Uh, why would you spend $5,000 on a coach that's insanity. Right. You know, these kinds of things that really hold us. Back from really doing the things that can benefit us in terms of moving to the next level and stages of our lives.

You know, that sort of keeps us in this, this place of, um, ordinary and safe and comfortable. Yeah. And, um, you know, limited and live think these lives, that that are just not really what we want, but what we have settled for.

Kandidly Kristin: Got it. Got it. That was by far the best explanation of what a mind coach should do for you.

I'm glad saying that. That was awesome. Thank you so much for that. you're welcome. So tell me what's new for Jacqueline and elevate your biz. Um, oh, what's on the horizon 20, 22 and beyond.

Jacqueline Long: For 2022, I'm looking forward to publishing my first book. nice. Yes. So I'm looking forward to becoming an author later this year, um, and just sort of doing a little more.

Uh, con writing, contributing to magazines and online, um, blogs and that sort of stuff for this year. And possibly, I'm not sure if this is gonna be by the end of the year or the beginning of next year, but hosting my first virtual summit, um, kinda speakers online for 2023. I definitely want to start, uh, speaking.

I really wanna incorporate that into my business. Um, doing more public speaking and maybe even a Ted talk in the future. So nice. Yes. Lots of things on the horizons that I'm thinking about and, um, wanting to do, but definitely looking forward to publishing my first book this year. I'm so excited about that.

I am too right

Kandidly Kristin: now. Are you self-publishing. Yes, I will be mm-hmm okay, cool. Nice. And what's you gotta tell me, gimme a little, like a little, the, the jacket, the little flip part. give a little so I can, so I can

Jacqueline Long: tell you. This first book in definitely is a dedication to my business in terms of, it's sort of going to be a, a more affirmational and sort of journaling for women to kind of elevate their lives and elevate their thoughts.

It's sort of the very beginning of where you start when you're, when you want to do something that you truly desire. So it's really gonna be dedicated to. Just elevating the self and self-care mm-hmm and then I've already written the, the outline for my second book. The second book is actually going to be more practical.

It's gonna be more business, but this is gonna be more about the first book is gonna be more about really what the work, the inner work that we need to do. To get to that place of business marketing entrepreneur.

Kandidly Kristin: Nice. Oh, I love it. I am so excited for you. Please keep me posted. I, I wanna sign copy of everything.


Jacqueline Long: absolutely have it. My dear. You absolutely have it. This has been so wonderful. I've enjoyed talking with

Kandidly Kristin: you. Yes. Yes. You've given, you've dropped so many gems. I, I can't wait to, to get it edited and out to the world so that. You know, you answered, like, if I have questions, then I know that the people that listen.

have similar questions and maybe afraid to ask. Absolutely. You know what I mean, Absolut mm-hmm doing this is kind of beneficial to me and to them. Cause if, as I'm learning, they are learning. So I appreciate you so, so much for, oh, all of it for, for just showing people that it's possible.

Jacqueline Long: Is thank you so much.

I appreciate that. I appreciate you for what you do. You, I mean, you're really fabulous at what you do. You talk to so many interesting people I do. And you're so good at, and you know, the pro you know, the conversation we've had about this before. Yes. We won't go there now. Yep. Yep. I, I think you're wonderful.

I really think you're wonderful. And. So I've so enjoyed this chat and I really, really appreciate you having me on the show. And I'm, I'm, I'm happy that if I can share some valuable, um, gems, you know, that maybe can help one woman or, you know, two women to actually take yeah. To take that step. It's doable.

Kandidly Kristin: It absolutely is doable people. It really, really is. So we're not done yet. We're done with the, with the formal chat, but now we get to my favorite part of all of my chats. And that is 10 Kandid questions.

Jacqueline Long: Uh, this is gonna be fun.

Kandidly Kristin: all right. So 10 candy questions. Yes. Random questions that I pulled from this ridiculous list I found online.

Some of them are either or. Some of them require a little bit of a fleshed out answer, but they all have to be answered. Kandidly. You ready? Okay. Yes. Ma'am first question. What's your biggest pet peeve. Oh, wow.

Jacqueline Long: Um, rudeness. Mm.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. How would you describe yourself in one word? Smart. nice. And you can say that it's okay.

yep. Um, what is your favorite curse word? Oh gosh, this

Jacqueline Long: is embarrassing. It's it's. I have to probably say. The F word

Kandidly Kristin: my too. Listen. Yeah, listen mine too. A minute. Sometimes it just fits. You don't have, there's just nothing better to say at a moment in time, but that

Jacqueline Long: there

Kandidly Kristin: you go. so, uh, coffee or tea tea.

Okay. Do you have any regret about your decision to walk away from a corporate career to be a full time entrepreneur? None. That was quick. All right. Now

um, dogs or cats? Dogs. Me too. Mm-hmm all right. What's one piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self.

Jacqueline Long: You can do anything that you want to do. Just be committed and surround yourself with the right people.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm that's important. Um,

Jacqueline Long: go ahead. I think that's it. I , I think that's all I can think.


Kandidly Kristin: That was good. Um, mm-hmm what's one question you wish that I had asked you during our conversation and what would your answer have been?

Jacqueline Long: Oh, wow. You know, this that's you've asked me such great que questions. I don't know that. I don't know that there is a question that you, I would've wanted you to ask.

I think you've asked great questions. I'll have to say nothing. You know, I I've enjoyed the chat and I thought you asked really important questions and great questions that, um, yeah. I sorry, felt so comfortable and at ease chatting with you. Nice.

Kandidly Kristin: That is my goal always. Oh, good. So mm-hmm question number nine.

Is there anything you wanna tell my listeners that you didn't get a chance to say so far during our

Jacqueline Long: conversation? I would just say ladies, it is so anything and everything that you want a is, is yours for the taking don't limit yourselves. Don't settle. Don't settle. You can have exactly what you want. Go after it and go after it with passion.

Nice. Mm-hmm

Kandidly Kristin: God. Oh, I love it. this is why, this is why I love tan Kandid questions. Okay. Because the gems are just always so amazing and tend to think of final question. Yes. How can my listeners connect with miss Jack along to elevate their BI.

Jacqueline Long: So you can find me. Um, my website is WW dot bus, coaching.com.

That's my official site, but you, the best place to come and connect with me is in my community on Facebook of 3,600 plus women in the elevated female entrepreneur. Group client attraction for coaches and mentors. Come hang out with me, grab some free bees. Um, I drop some gems. You know, I do trainings from time to time, come hang out, network with other women and talk about what you desire.

Surround yourself with women who wanna do what you wanna do, because they are gonna help you to you.

Kandidly Kristin: Nice. And guys, let me just say, I'm a member of the group and. I recommend it. Let me just say that. thank you so much. I'm a member. I recommend it. Join a group. Um, elevate your biz, get your life together. No, ,

Jacqueline Long: there's two groups.

There's also the podcasting group too. So that's the second group. So, and Kristin is a member of both.

Kandidly Kristin: Yes, yes, yes I am. And proud to be. So that is sadly. Our time for this can to chat with business and mindset, coach Jacqueline Long Jacqueline. Again, I thank you and appreciate you sharing your time, your story, your expertise with me and my listeners.

I sincerely, sincerely appreciate it. I thank

Jacqueline Long: you. Thank you so much, Kristin, this, it was an honor for me to spend this time with you and your audience. I really appreciate you having me. Thank you for asking great questions and thank you for being you keep doing what you do to do great job at it. I love the episode.

I love the podcast and you're wonderful. Continue to do great things. I look forward to what you put out in the future. Thanks so much. For happy. Thank you.

Kandidly Kristin: Oh, oh, yo. She gonna make me cry. Oh, thank you so much. I appreciate that. It's always nice to get really positive feedback. So I appreciate that more than, you know, so as always guys, all of Jacqueline's contact info, the Facebook group, her website will be show notes.

And until we meet again, I want you all to keep it safe. Keep it healthy and keep it Kandid.

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Jacqueline Long


Jacqueline Long is a Business Marketing Strategist, Podcast Host & Master certified Life & Mindset Coach.

Jacqueline helps women start online coaching businesses, increase their confidence and master their organic sales and marketing strategies, to attract clients in their businesses.

Jacqueline has had a 22yr career in the non for profit HIV/AIDS and mental health field. Before starting her business, Jacqueline has held positions as a Director of Case Management, Director of Clinical Trials, Director of Social services and VP of Human Resources. She has three graduate degrees and has taught part-time graduate students specializing in entrepreneurship, HR & marketing.

Today, Jacquline works with clients and manages her coaching and consulting business, Elevate Your Biz Coaching, full-time.