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Imposter Syndrome

I really enjoyed being a part of this conversation. It was so impactful and the Imposter Syndrome is really something that plagues so many of us and this was an important conversation to have. I love the work that each of you are doing. Thank you for having me as a guest.

Awesome show!

Love your show. So many great tips!

Great show!

Obsessed with this pod!

Straight Talk with Compassionate Understanding

The Podcast are always very relevant and informative. Various points of views are shared and encouraged. Host is kind and caring but will not be sugarcoating information. If you want real talk this is your place.

Keeping it candid 🤩

This is an awesome podcast MUST LISTEN ! Love the fact that they have a variety of subjects spoken about and they love to hear what the viewers have to say. They definitely keep it candid and there’s no judgement .

Love this podcast

I love it. Love how they touch base on so many subjects. That people are afraid to address. I will continue to keep listening to this podcast. Love it never let's me down


I first came onto this podcast through the boy 2 men segments and the content, the dialogue, & guests were excellent and I’ve been a fan ever since. Recommend for the education, the understanding of each walk of life’s point of view. Very informative when needed

Same Frequency

I love the energies that come through this podcast. The host is amazing and I truly appreciate Ms Kandid Kristin. She speaks the truth in love and draws that kind of energy in. This podcast has been a highlight for me in 2021, and I look forward to the creative and building energy this podcast family is bringing into 2022. 222 is reduced to 6 which represents family while the 2's represent connectivity, bonding and being aligned with those on our same frequency. Building kandidly with Kristin is giving me life and i respect her ability to ask questions. If listening you will hear the answers and solutions in the questions she asks.

The kandid shop is always a good listen. The talk openly and freely about the topic the average individual person may be afraid to speak on