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Kandid Artist Spotlight w/ Shawn Cornelius aka ”The Romantic Funnyman”

I had the pleasure to sit down for an Artist Spotlight chat with:
Comedian, Actor, Musician, Singer, Filmmaker, Author & Motivational Speaker, and my dear friend, Shawn Cornelius aka "The Romantic Funnyman."
Shawn suffered an Ischemic Stroke in Feb o...

I had the pleasure to sit down for an Artist Spotlight chat with:

Comedian, Actor, Musician, Singer, Filmmaker, Author & Motivational Speaker, and my dear friend, Shawn Cornelius aka "The Romantic Funnyman."

Shawn suffered an Ischemic Stroke in Feb of 2021 and has since involved himself with a monthly stroke group and speaking engagements aimed at helping people like him progress with their own medical conditions. 

Shawns' Daily Motivation Affirmations:

  • I am powerful.
  • I have potential
  • I am proud.
  • I am important
  • I have awareness
  • I am honest
  • I am strong
  • I am smart
  • I am able
  • I will move on
  • I will walk with a purpose.
  • I will shine
  • I am creative
  • I will continue to pursue my dreams.
  • I will not give up on me, which is equal to I love me

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Watch: "Whatever It Takes The Movie: When Blood Runs Cold"


Shawn's new book "My Stroke Story" is available here:



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Kandidly Kristin


The Romantic Funnyman_ A Kandid Chat with Shawn CorneliuseAudio final

Kandidly Kristin: Hey, hey, Hey, podcast Nation. It's your girl, Kandidly, Kristin, and this is The Kandid Shop, your number one destination for Kandid conversations today, I have the pleasure of sitting down with comedian.

Singer, musician, filmmaker, director, and author, Shawn Cornelius, AKA the Romantic funny man. Welcome, welcome, welcome, Shawn to The Kandid Shop. How are you?

Shawn Cornelius: I'm good. How have you been?

Kandidly Kristin: I've been, well, listen, you and I go way, way, way back on Facebook or whatever. Yes. And I have followed your career, uh, expansion into film and now motivational speaking and so I'm really excited to have an opportunity to sit down and have this chat with you

Shawn Cornelius: well, it is been, it is been wonderful.

So I, I'm really] glad that, uh, I have an opportunity to sit down on your show , talk about some things and, and, uh, um, it's been, I look forward to it. Put it that way.

Kandidly Kristin: Me too. And I'm sure my listener's gonna get a lot of value from it. So let's get into it. My first question to you is, where does the story of the romantic funny man begin? Did music come first? Did comedy come first? Acting? And how do all of your moving parts intersect?

Shawn Cornelius: Uh, well, basically, uh, I'll go way back. I was born in Jamaica, Queens. Mm-hmm. . I went to fast forwarding going, I went to Shaw University, uh, at Shaw University. I guess obviously when I was younger, I didn't know I had all these things until you get to a certain place in your life.

And, and it was, it was at school, at college when I decided to do music and acting and all those other things and started to develop the things that I had prior to] obviously, and they were all put into place. And that's when I realized that I had this. Abundance of talent and, uh, HB Cap, who God bless and God rest his soul, um, who pushed to, to see, uh mm-hmm what you had pushed me.

And, uh, coming through there, man, and the people that I met, just realized that I had a lot of potential as far as acting was concerned. So I got theater as a major and I graduated theater as a major, and I just kept going from there..

Kandidly Kristin: So what, where did the comedy come in? Where did that come from? Were you always like just a funny guy and how does that The romantic funny man, that's always fascinated me that that was your moniker.

Shawn Cornelius: Well, that came from my dad and God rest his soul as well. Mm-hmm. . Um, he, I, I moved from New York cause I wanted to be a singer. I was trying to do all the art artistic stuff in the, in the arts. And I had a [00:03:00] group singing group, which kind of failed and I, I was disappointed. So I moved down south to Charleston, South Carolina.

Ah. And he was like, stop sitting around the house and go out and do some things and matter. It was the HBO comedy, Def Jam was coming through. Okay. They had a stop there in Charleston and I went. Enjoyed it. Uh, talked to the comics afterwards, uh, and then basically got into the weekly comedy, uh, class.

Met one of my friends from college that was there. and it's been, it's been that, that way. Actually I'm almost 30 years right now going into the situation of, uh, this, uh, my comedy career.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Okay. Interesting. So what was that like moving from New York to South Carolina in terms of the industry?

Shawn Cornelius: Cause going from New York to Charleston was, was different. It was, uh, basically, you know, heading, heading on that level.. Oh man. Cause you know, New York is a moving place. Yes. , [00:04:00] it's a moving place and Charleston is a place where you, you kind of slow it down a little bit. Mm-hmm. so you, you know, you slow your pace and you, you do your thing Well, I enjoyed it cuz you know, you, you meet people, you do your thing.

Um, and on those levels. But that's where I, I, I eventually started doing standup comedy and it was pretty much just enjoy. The difference, you know, slowing down, taking it, taking it easy for a second. Mm-hmm. and then, you know, moving in. But I still have my New York Abilities , you know.

Kandidly Kristin: Right, right. Still had the New York swag. Okay.

Shawn Cornelius: Yes, yes.

Kandidly Kristin: So is your, what your creative process, is it different for the different things that you do? Like, do you have one process for comedy, one process for music, another for film, another for writing? Or is your basic process like the.

Shawn Cornelius: I think my process is basically the same, but you attack, you attack those different things the way they need to be attacked.

You know, when you're doing film, you figure out certain things when you're doing music, but they all kind of, they all are cohesive on the same level. Uh, you're creating, so you're just taking what, what's given to you and you create. And I think, I basically don't, I don't think about the differences or if there's differences.

I just, I just like fulfill 'em. I'll write 'em I'll. Okay. For poetry, I'll write. Right. You know, for music, I'll write, you know, I won't think about it. I just think about the situations that are going on, and I don't really have one, one particular way that I, I do all those things, you know, it's just creative and, and it comes.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. All right. So I'm gonna pivot a little bit and I want you to talk to me about your film. Well, the film that I. Was when I was kind of following you, I saw, oh, he's making a movie, whatever it takes. And, and tell, talk to me about that and where it came from, how it all came to be.

Shawn Cornelius: Well, "Whatever it takes" originally came from, I had to do a piece in college to graduate, you know, seeing it have to do a film.

So it was a, it was a short film first. Mm-hmm. , uh, when blood runs cold. Uh, okay. And then I decided to get with, uh, another young, uh, another play. Uh, his name was Omar Moore and we decided to put together my concept and then he right off of my concept and we came up with the movie when blood runs Cold. Uh, Um, whatever it takes when blood runs cold.

And then that basically moved into, uh, different levels of, of, uh, of the other stuff that I did. But that was something that was cool to do. We did that back in 2020. Boy, what is this? 2022. Yeah, it was before the pandemic, right? It was before the pandemic, and it was 2020 and, uh, we, we showed it on 42nd Street at a theater on 42nd Street, the mc, it was a big, it was a big event.

It was a big event. We had a very nice, uh, event for it and the creative writing and just doing it and, and, Being just, we had so much stuff that wasn't, that didn't make the move. The move was two and a half, two hours and 30 minutes long, two hours, 30. We had so much stuff we had to take out of the picture.

Right. That it was just a fun process of, of writing for, for me, you know what I mean?

Kandidly Kristin: Right. Now, did you act in that?

Shawn Cornelius: Yes, I was one of the stars in, okay, I say stars, but they were all, everybody was a star to me. But, um, myself and, and Omar played the two lead detectives. Okay. In the two characters in the movie.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay, you're gonna have to send me a copy of that so I can check it out. .

Shawn Cornelius: No problem. I'll send you the link where you can see it.

Yes, yes, yes. And that's gonna be in the show notes y'all

Kandidly Kristin: also, so don't worry. Um, and the other thing I wanted to ask you about is, I remember, I, I think I still have this t-shirt. The enough is enough. Yes. Talk to me about what that is and why you created it, why it was important to you.

Shawn Cornelius: Enough is Enough. I was laying, laying in my, uh, bed one night watching TV back when there was a bunch of killings of, of black people by the police and just a whole bunch of stuff. And I got frustrated, right.

So I just, you know, I just came up with the, enough is enough is an a. On my, on, um, on my website, but there's also, the song is on my YouTube as well. And I just, that's how I do when I'm, when with my creativity, when I get frustrated or if I'm happy or whatever, I produce situations. So the Enough is enough movement was basically just to, I was tired, you know, just like everybody else, right?

And I wanted to, I wanted to do what I could do to. To help. Right. And it was just basically do t-shirts and hats and buttons and things on that level and get 'em out, go to the functions, and go to the events and say, enough is enough. It's tight. And then it just, it kept going because that continues to happen.

Kandidly Kristin: Right?

Resurfaced again, uh, at the inside the pandemic. As it was going. So it basically just became a, a thing where I still have shirts, I still have hats, I still have buttons, and we went to certain festivals and around, around, uh, the New York City area, jersey, to get some of this stuff out to join the folks and say, enough is enough. Let's, let's stop this.


Yeah. I still have my shirt. I sure do. .

Shawn Cornelius: That's cool. I .

Kandidly Kristin: Yep. So I'm gonna pivot again to your personal life. Um, you recently suffered an ischemic stroke. Is that right?

Shawn Cornelius: Yes. Yes.

Kandidly Kristin: Which let me just say that I am extremely happy that you [00:10:00] are recovering nicely from that. Um, when I saw that, I was like, wait, what? So, but can you just talk to me a little bit about that experience and how it impacted you personally and your career trajectory?

Shawn Cornelius: Uh, yes. For those folks that don't know, an ischemic stroke is when the blood supply to the part of the brain is disrupted or reduced, preventing, uh, brain tissue from getting oxygen.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm. ,

Shawn Cornelius: um, it was a Saturday afternoon. I was hanging out. After the Zoom with my family, we used to do a zoom during the pandemic just to kind of stay in communication, right? I would sit around and I'd tell a story. Um, I was eating a tuna fish sandwich and I, I'm sorry, I no longer go to those stores or eat tuna fish sandwiches because I think, I think that way.

Um, but I wasn't feeling well. I wasn't feeling well, so I eventually I had to take, I took myself to the hospital. Okay. I was in the hospital for five days. They found out that I had an ischemic stroke. Um, That was last year, February 20th, 2021. Mm-hmm. . And, um, you know, you went through the process, the five days of being in the hospital, and I, I, I talk about it because I, I'm a motivational speaker as well.

Mm-hmm. communicating on those things, on how to, you know, you have to take care of yourself, but. It was something, it was something for me because after doing all the things that I was doing and continued to do as far as movies and, and, and music and, and books and this and that and comedy, my main thing, and then to be like, you have, you have, you have had a stroke and then finding out over 700,000 people have strokes a, a year.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm. .

Shawn Cornelius: So, but strokes are common. They're, they're more common than we think. Right. , and it could be something that, you know, or it could be something that you don't know that you have. Right. And I, I'm in a stroke group now that meets monthly for Monte Vire Hospital, Monte Vire Hospital. Sorry. And it's just been a, it's been a ride, you know, last year was crazy.

So it was a few months I lost, uh, Well, my eyelid closed for a little while, my left eyelid. Mm-hmm. , I still have a numbness over my lip that I feel periodically. Mm-hmm. , uh, that I didn't feel prior to the stroke. Um, my legs were a little bit, I think maybe cuz it was laying around in the hospital for five days or whatever, but I did exercise daily.

They did some, somebody around, um, the energy. But, but now that's why, that's why I wrote my book Okay. With the film because at certain, at a certain point I was. I had to admit to myself what had happened, right? Um, as they told me what had happened, try to figure out what I did or what I didn't do.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm.

Shawn Cornelius: to cause it. Um, I went through a lot of emotionals, a lot, all my emotionals, uh, the crying and, and the, and the anger and, and happiness. But, you know, just happy to be able to understand and know that I could, I could do. Right. You know, I help myself and fix myself and, and do things. So it, it was so much there.

That, that's basically what happened. And now, well that was like I said, February of 2021 and here it is now, November, 2022. Mm-hmm. . And I'm, please, you know, and I ended up having, uh, doing a lot of things to help myself. I ended up this year having covid, like a lot of folks had. Mm-hmm. . But it was major to me.

Like, I felt like it was a cold, but. Going through the stroke situation was something new because I'd never obviously had had it before. Right. And I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about strokes, I learned a lot about people. Um, and I, so that's what I ended up writing the book this year because there was a young lady at a, at an event that I won an award for, cuz the stroke story wasn't supposed to be out like public.

It was just supposed to be my personal. Testimony so I could [00:14:00] move forward, right. The per as I was doing it, someone got, a young lady, got a wind of it, reached out to me, wanted me to put in her award show. It won three honorary awards. Nice. And uh, it moved me forward and, uh, to doing proper and I met. The lady that pushed me to do the book and to do the motivational speaking that night, who said to me, God has a purpose.

You have a purpose, you have a test, have to help other folks. And, uh, you have to use the purpose that you're given, right? And we all, we all need to do that. We all, once we just realize the purpose we have, we should use it to a, help others.

Kandidly Kristin: So the. Your shift to motivational speaking was a direct result of the stroke or was that, uh, a place your career was headed?

Shawn Cornelius: believe that, that everybody has their purpose. Mm-hmm. , but I believe that that situation was, was spearheaded by what that [00:15:00] lady finally said to me that night. Cause I didn't know her, right? She just walked up to me after I came off stage and as I was leaving and she said, you have a purpose. You have a divine purpose and don't you forget it. You, God, you're not finished. And um, you have something to do. So that was basically me saying to myself, okay, you know, I gotta do something. I gotta finish my book. Mm-hmm. , put this video out, continue talking about it. And then I just started digging and, and seeing other folks doing so much and seeing these online stroke situations and, and seeing so much right.

That I need to be a part of to, and it's not just about me, you know, I feel good obviously, if I can help someone because people call me and reached. And spoke to me about it. I spoke to them and then, right. It's just to be able to, like, there's an inspirational part of my book at the very end where people send their inspirations and so many people were humbled by it.

It, it makes me feel good that people still want to be able to help [00:16:00] because you know, the times we live in, it's crazy.

Kandidly Kristin: Right, right.

Shawn Cornelius: So I was very appreciative of that. And it's just something, the motivational speaking thing. Off of the stroke situation and me just moving forward and creating this thing I call push.

I know you have stuff that you want to ask, but I just wanted to mention and just make sure that I mention P.U.S.H. And that means "pursuing the utmost success and happiness". And that's basically what I decided that I created to move forward. So you don't give up. You know you're gonna have your times, you might be tired, you might be some situations, but just always remember, and I was motivated by other folks that I.

Right then I looked online and I saw, I, I saw on TV and I basically got on the internet and looked at a lot of folks that gave me inspiration as.

Kandidly Kristin: Awesome. Awesome. Well, I'm excited for this new chapter, this motivational speaking chapter, uh, of your life. Like I said, I'm happy that you have recovered nicely, apparently you look great, uh, from your stroke and so, and that you're well on your way to using that experience to, to help others. So that's awesome.

Shawn Cornelius: Thank you very much..

Kandidly Kristin: How do you, Shawn, define success for Shawn? What's your definition of success for you?

Shawn Cornelius: Just doing what I wanna do. I've been able to do what I wanted to do, and when people give you accolades and clap for you or give you awards, that's, that's something that they do. Uh, as I've learned now, growing, getting older, but for me it's just being happy..

And doing what I want to do, you know, and doing films or sitting down playing my guitar or doing whatever, um, or putting something out that helps someone else.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm. .

Shawn Cornelius: Um, those are things that really drive me. You know, I get up, I gotta continue to, to try to, you know, to, and I try, I take that word tryout and I, and I just, Just do

I just do. So whatever I can do, uh, like I still do stand up comedy. I'm going on 30 years now. Yeah. And when people laugh and tell me that they enjoy the show because of me or they, they laugh and they enjoy the show because of certain comics, but I was, some, when they come up to me, it's not a thing. I'm very humble, again, I'm very humble.

I, that kind of stuff doesn't. Turn me on to be a negative in individual. I'm just happy about it. I'm just happy that I can make someone else's life, even for the moment, you know, for the 5, 10, 15 minutes or whatever time for happy. So, you know, that's basically what drives me now, continuing to, to stay healthy, do what I know, what I'm, makes me happy, and when I'm on stage, just, just make other folk folks happy and, and.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Awesome. So I know you mentioned the book, the stroke story book coming out, but what else is on the horizon for you? New films, events, uh, motivational speaking. What, what does Shawn have in the pipeline that we can look forward to?

Shawn Cornelius: Well, I've definitely done, I've done a couple of motivational gigs already on the radio.

I'm looking to do some more online stuff, some podcasts, some radio shows, some live shows. Um, I have a show, I have several, a couple of radio shows coming up. One in one in December. Um, comedy, comedy. I'm just, I do, there's a club called LOL in, in Manhattan that I usually do when I have, uh, either the weekends or when I have time, which is my main club.

But, um, gosh, February, there's a, there's a show I'm on online. Um, I'll be posting, you know, if people go to my Facebook or Instagram or whatever they can find out on my website. Um, I'm just trying to build up continuously to build up my motivational speaking gig. Okay. Everywhere. Uh, you'll see my face popping up here and there and, and I just wanna be able to do those kind of things and just tell my story, okay?

So that my story, maybe my story can help someone else have a story or do something positive in their life.

Kandidly Kristin: Awesome. And the book will be out in,

Shawn Cornelius: I'm hoping the book will be out in December. I don't wanna fool nobody. I just, I finished it, sent it to the editor. Uh, we're getting things together. Uh, she wanted it done by Thanksgiving.

Everything finished so she can send me back the manuscripts and I can do what I have to do. Okay. So hopefully we, in December, before Christmas or by Christmas, uh, we'll have everything done and then I'll be out. Like I said, I'm, I'm. At this point, getting gigs to try to get out and, and do, do some talks, but this radio shows like yours.

I, I really appreciate this putting me out there to Uh,

Kandidly Kristin: absolutely.

Shawn Cornelius: To communicate and motivate. Yeah.

Kandidly Kristin: Yes. I love it. I love it. I love it. So that is all that I had like formally for you. Um, I really just wanted to you know, get a little peek into your life, your history, your process, because you do, you got a lot of balls in the air.

You do a lot of different things. And um, I wanted for people to know who you were that don't know who you are on. There are people, I'm sure that if you mention your name there, like Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know him. , but I want more people to know who you are, especially as it relates to your motivational speaking, your book.

Um, uh, the stroke story I believe is really important and will be important for a lot of different people, um, going forward. So, Now we get to do the fun part of the show. Okay. Well, which is 10 kandid questions.[00:22:00]

You ready?

Shawn Cornelius: I'm ready.

Kandidly Kristin: All right. What's your favorite curse word?

Shawn Cornelius: Oh, wow. , even curse word. Mm-hmm. . You don't have to say it. You can spell it well, yeah.


Kandidly Kristin: Okay. All right. All right.

Shawn Cornelius: That's not too bad.

Kandidly Kristin: That's not too bad. That's not too bad. All right. Second question. If you had to start your career or careers in your case all over again from day one, would you do anything different?

Shawn Cornelius: Um, I probably wouldn't because I wouldn't, I would not have the same results. I mean, I, there are things that I've seen. that I want and I still want probably, and there's, there's ways of going about it, but I think I would let it run the same way, but just do those simple things that I know I need to do to get to other levels of, of success. But I would probably do my [00:23:00] career the same.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. You know, I don't, I think I've asked that question 50 times and nobody says they do anything different. .

Shawn Cornelius: Right, right. Because you know, it is what it.

Kandidly Kristin: Yep. All right. Question number three. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Shawn Cornelius: My biggest pet peeve, um, is negative people, negativity.

Um, I don't like to be around it. Um, I don't like to feel it. Um, I, because I'm, I'm just that much of a positive individual where I try to. As positive as possible. So negativity is my biggest pet peeve.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Question four. How has your life been different from what you'd imagined it would be?

Shawn Cornelius: Oh, yeah. I mean, I didn't, I never imagined having a stroke. Okay. I never imagined being on this level. I thought that I [00:24:00] would be on a certain, uh, level of comedy or my career. Um, So it, it, it, it has been a little different than I thought it has gone, but some ways it's gone on a positive where I didn't even know, you know what I mean?

That I was going to receive certain things. So I guess it's, it, it has gone a different way. Okay. But certain things I thought I figured that I would, I would be doing and I'm doing. Mm. So, I don't know. Let's, uh, if you wanna say percentage wise, 70, 80, 80, 70, 60 5%.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. . Fair enough. That's fair. That's fair. Right. Fifth question. Dogs or cats? Dogs. I'm a dog girl too. I'm a dog question. Yeah, me too. Sixth question. Is there anything you wish I had asked you during our chat and what would your answer have been?


Shawn Cornelius: not rea, not really at this moment. I mean, you, you touched on the things that I, I wanted to talk about. I talked about my, my motivational speaking stuff, my career. I'm glad you didn't hit the relationship conversation. . But, but no. Um, I, I just, um, yeah. Well, let's say yes. Let's say yes.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. All right. What is it?

Shawn Cornelius: Are you okay?

Kandidly Kristin: Oh, Yeah,

Shawn Cornelius: that, that, that's what are you okay, Shawn, uh, how are you today? Or how is your situation? So I got it,

Kandidly Kristin: got it, got it, got it. All right. See, that helps me, you know, build better questions. You know, I ask that question for a reason most of the time. Sure, sure. All right, well thank you for that answer.

And seventh question is introvert or extrovert.

Shawn Cornelius: I can be both. Hmm? I can be both because my extrovert, you might call me extrovert because I do standup comedy and I'm out there doing my entertainment business. But at home, a lot of times when I, when I take that mask off, when I take that off, I'm, I'm quiet.

I like to do my own thing. Uh, I'm introverted.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Alright. Fair answer. All right. Eighth question. What is your prime mission or purpose in life?

Shawn Cornelius: My prime mission or purpose in life? Uh, obviously it's changed. Its changed since certain situations have come about. Yeah. But my mission right now is to continue to get healthy mm-hmm. um, to make sure maybe if I can help someone else, help them mm-hmm. , uh, or continue to be a positive influence on people and, and myself and just kind of, uh, make. [00:27:00] Hmm. I would like to make it. So whatever the, whatever the career is I have all these skills that I've been blessed with. I have talents that I've been blessed with.

Kandidly Kristin: Right.

Shawn Cornelius: And I call it, they're definitely blessings, right. That I hope something can take off. And if it's motivational speaking now, if it's speaking now or being on, uh, conversations with panels or whatever, so be it. But I just wanna do God's work because that's something that, um, I'm saved, been saved for a couple of years. Um, and there were things that were kind of tricky with that, but I just wanna be able to do what I'm supposed to do and hopefully leave an impression on someone that, that that's.

Kandidly Kristin: Awesome. All right, ninth question. Is there anything, anything at all that you wanna tell somebody that's listening to this show who aspires to be in the entertainment industry?

Shawn Cornelius: Don't take yourself serious. Hmm. [00:28:00] Uh, enjoy what you do. Um, listen, apply certain things that are, that are giving or that are said that somebody may not directly say to you. Um, but just have fun. Enjoy your life, you know, have fun. Enjoy what you do. There's obviously, it's a business that you, there's things that you have to take care of on a business level.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm. ,

Shawn Cornelius: just make the whole thing fun. Just enjoy, and that's one thing that I. That I could do. I did have a good time doing things, but if I put added a little bit more of that in to what I was doing and I took it so serious at times. Right. It might have, who knows how it would've turned out, but those are the things that, but enjoy what you do.

Kandidly Kristin: Oh, that's great advice for anybody. Whatever you aspire to do. So, and 10th and final question, how can my listeners connect with Shawn?

Shawn Cornelius: If they'd like to reach out to me, they could reach out to me on Facebook at Shawn Cornelius, c o r n e l i u s. It's s h a w n. Uh, Shawn Cornelius on Facebook. Comedian Shawn Cornelius.

65 on Instagram. My web page is Shawn uh cornelius entertainment.com, and that's where you can see my website and all that and my. If you wanted to email me, you could. It's , s h a w n p o o h c o r n e l i u s @Gmail.com And you could reach out to me.

Kandidly Kristin: Nice.

Shawn Cornelius: And then, then I can get back to you.

Kandidly Kristin: Yeah, and listen guys, you know that all of his contact info with clickable links is gonna be in the show notes. So, um, if you didn't write it down, it'll be in the show notes for you. So now Shawn, this is your opportunity to. end our chat with whatever wisdom, motivation, whatever it is you wanna share with the people that are gonna hear this.

Shawn Cornelius: All right. I, I definitely wanna motivate and I thank you so much for having me on the show. I've been looking forward to it. Um, it's been a wonderful experience and I'm so glad that I'm able to come. We've been friends for quite some time and to be able to sit on your show and you still have my shirt and blah, blah, blah.

Kandidly Kristin: Yep.

Shawn Cornelius: A wonderful thing. So, uh, it's a blessing. So my motivations are, are, are easy and if we, we can remember these things at daily, then we do 'em daily. Um, I am a great person. Yeah. I am powerful. Yeah, I have potential. Love it. I am proud. I am important. I have awareness. Mm-hmm. . I am honest. I am strong. I am smart.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm. ,

Shawn Cornelius: I am able. I am me. Hmm. I will move on. I will walk with a purpose. I will shine. I am creative. Mm-hmm. , I will continue to pursue my dreams. I will not give up on me, which is also equal to I love me.

Kandidly Kristin: I love it. Right. That's awesome. I can't even, I don't even have no comeback after that.

That's just, that's exactly like each and every one of those motivations will be a bullet in the show notes. So somebody wants to copy and paste it and print it so that they can stick it somewhere and look at it every morning and, and say it to themselves in the. I'm gonna make sure they have the opportunity to do that.

Thank you so much, Shawn. Listen, like I said, we go way back. I truly, truly appreciate you sharing this time with me. I really, really do. Uh, people can be doing anything in the world and anytime somebody takes some time out of their day to come on this show and share what they have to share with me and my listeners, I'm always super duper thankful and I am glad that you're getting your strength and your health is improving and that you are okay. You are okay, right? Yeah. You're.

Shawn Cornelius: Yeah, my knowledge, I'm, I'm, I'm working on things continuously still. 95. 95%. Okay. But, you know, right now where things are rolling, I would consider myself back to where I was or getting on my level. And, you know, I still have, obviously, I still have certain things, but, but listen, man, uh, I'm just moving. We gotta keep moving..

Kandidly Kristin: Yep. Keep moving forward. Always forward. So thank you so much for joining me guys. Shawn's contact info again is, In the show notes, um, I want you guys to take a minute and go over to my website at www.theKandidshop.com. Kandid with a k, listen to some episodes, drop me a review, sign up for the mailing list, like follow, share, tell your friends about the show.

And until we meet again, I want you all to keep it safe, keep it healthy, and keep it Kandid.

Shawn CorneliusProfile Photo

Shawn Cornelius

Entertainer/Motivational Speaker

Shawn Cornelius Bio 

*Shaw University Grad May 1991 

*BA Theatre 

*Stand Up Comedian 30yrs 

*Over 200 Colleges 

*Cruise Ships 

*4X BET Comic View All-Star 

*Opened for Jamie Foxx, Harold Melvins Blue Notes, Babyface, George Wallace, JA Brown, 

*Performances in Jamaica, England, Mexico, Cayman Islands and all over the United States 

*Actor: Law & Order, Law & Order SV⁰U & Law &Order Criminal Intent

*Plays Piano, Guitar, Bass and Hamonica 


*Filmmaker: Director, Producer,


**Shawn experienced a Ischemic Stroke in Feb of 2021 and has since involved himself in a monthly stroke group located online from Montefiore Medical Center.

He is now a motivational speaker helping people like him progress with medical conditions. 

He has won awards from the S.I.T.A Organization 

2020 Best Movie "Confessions"

2022 Honarable Mention - My Stroke Story 

2022 Certificate of Excellence - My Stroke Story

2022 NYS Senator Leroy Comrie Honor Award