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Kandid Artist Spotlight: ”Look At Us Rise” w/Oya Thomas

I had the absolute honor and pleasure to sit down with renowned singer, songwriter, speaker, activist, philanthropist, educator, producer, Author of "The Five Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life's Purpose," & Founder of "Spi...

I had the absolute honor and pleasure to sit down with renowned singer, songwriter, speaker, activist, philanthropist, educator, producer, Author of "The Five Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life's Purpose," & Founder of "Spirit of Oya," Ms. Oya Thomas, for a very special artist spotlight chat!

Spirit of Oya: The Movement

"It's really about being in the spirit. It's really about being connected to your soul. It's really about the truth. It's about the love that we talked about. This is a movement, like this isn't just me singing, just to have people like dance."

Look At Us Rise: The Single

"This is a song to really start the conversation about rising above adversity and discrimination and hate and us all coming together. We have to unite in love and come together and that's what this is all about. One love, we are one love, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience."

"The song and the lyric video for “Look at Us Rise” was inspired by my interactions with diverse groups of people from all walks of life, realizing that while some may not be aware of discrimination outside their own communities, everyone has experienced bullying and prejudice in some form; and each one is entitled to being treated with love and dignity." (Spirit of Oya YouTube page)

In Her Words:

  • "Singing actually saved my life. Where I come from life isn't something you live, it's something you endure. Through sheer stubbornness and the love of making people smile, I fought to become a person that could empower those around me. Learning what it took to build relationship and create spaces, not only fostered growth, but rewarded it." ~Oya Thomas
  • "I just really believe that when you really, truly experience love and know that your love, it's really challenging, very difficult to hate anybody else." ~Oya Thomas
  • "What's going on on the outside of you is but an outer manifestation of what's going on on the inside." ~Oya Thomas


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Look At Us Rise


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Kandidly Kristin


Artist Spotlight: "Look At Us Rise" w/Oya Thomas

Kandidly Kristin: Hey hey, Podcast Nation, it's your girl, Kandidly, Kristin, And this is The Kandid Shop, your number one destination for Kandid conversations. I am super excited to be joined today for a very special artist spotlight by renowned singer, speaker, activist, philanthropist, educator, producer, author of "The Five Star Points for Success.: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Purpose, Live Your Life's Purpose." I'm Sorry. And Founder of the Spirit of Oya, Miss Oya, Thomas, aka Oya. Welcome, welcome, welcome Oya to the Kandid Shop.

Oya Thomas: Peace and Blessings. How are you?

Kandidly Kristin: I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. Uh, we already talked about how hot it was, so we not gonna do that again, but I am over the top excited to have this opportunity to chat with you. The song that you created for World Unity Day. Look at us. Rise. I. That song just kind of did, it was a gut punch for me.

It was beautifully done. Um, I do a radio show where I often highlight days and I was like, Oh, it's World Unity Day. And then I saw your song and it was, I did a post about it. It, it just really, and from that day to this, I've been low key stalking you, like, um, online stalking. I was like, Lemme see who she's, lemme see her stuff, But I am so, I, I can't even tell you how honored I am and have you on this show.

Oya Thomas: Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Yeah. It's so awesome cuz I did see you pop into an interview that I had on Instagram live, so that was awesome. Cause you got to know a little bit more about me. Um, so that's, that's really cool. I, I really appreciate it and I'm so elated that you enjoyed this song and understand what goes behind the song and what the core of the song is.

Absolutely. So it, it is really important to me, this, this is a song to really start the conversation about rising above adversity and discrimination and hate and us all coming together. Mm-hmm. , we have to unite in love and come together. And that's what this is all about. One love, you know, we are one love, we are all spiritual beings.

Having a human experience. Yes, we're all human. We're all.

Love and I’m doing the best that I can through my platform, through music and arts, you know, what I was born to do, to share that and express that and educate and, you know, help people to see that within their own self, let alone others. You know, we gotta see it within ourselves.

Kandidly Kristin: Absolutely.

Oya Thomas: I just really believe that when you really, truly experience love and know that your love, it's really challenging. Very difficult to hate anybody else.

Kandidly Kristin: Absolutely.

Oya Thomas: Like you really know the true, true core of love. I mean the like, not the, um, superficial ego, like I'm talking about like real love, Like when you love yourself and really know that I'm talking about the heart, the soul, the spirit of it.

It's like, You, you can't even fix your, your mouth or your thoughts to be mean to someone else. Yes. So that's the work, a lot of the work that I do because as you know, hurt people, hurt people mm-hmm. and, and people that don't know what we're talking about and have been talking about you and I, um, that's how things can, can really start to go downhill.

And so this work is about going uphill. Flying, soaring, loving, rising, rising, rising. Right. So, yeah.

Kandidly Kristin: Yes. So let me ask you this. Mm-hmm. , who is Oya Thomas?

Oya Thomas: Well, I am a happy little girl. , that loves to play and enjoy life. Take time to smell the roses and look at the little honey bees do their job and pollinate, and I love to stop and meet all the fluffy animals when I'm out on walks.

Kandidly Kristin: Me too.

Oya Thomas: I love to literally sing to the animals, especially when I'm on the east coast and I take my walks and I go for my hikes. I sing to the deer. Yeah, And they really hang out with me. My friends call me Snow White . I just love to connect. I love, love. And everything that I do is about love. At my, I I'm, everybody has their own vehicle and, and how they can do their thing.

And my voice happens to be that. So whether I'm singing or speaking through whatever I'm training, whether it's in a school or working one on one with someone, if I'm on a stage just doing a concert versus doing a training, you know? Mm-hmm. , it's all about love. It's all about love. So I'm the presence of love.

I am love. And I just, I've always, since the kid wanted everybody to love and be happy and smile, smile, smile, smile. Because I know if you're smiling, then you're experiencing the love. You're, you're happy, you're in joy, you're in peace. And so that's what. I'm about having fun.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay, so tell me where did your love affair with music start?

Oya Thomas: Mm, it started singing in church with my father. Okay. It started singing when I was three years old, and, um, that's where it really began. And I saw people feel, I saw people connect. Hmm. I, I remember like almost like having almost even like an outer body experience of observation while I was singing, watching how people would really connect and feel.

And then when my father would sing in church solo by his self sometimes, and I would be sitting in the pews. I would be admiring him and his amazing voice, but then I would look around and I would see people like connecting, touching their hearts, clapping, you know, praising the Lord, but feelings. It was something so deep.

It was something so connected. Yeah. And then fast forward to like my debut in preschool where I hit the stage for like what I would call a professional appearance, cuz it wasn't in church and Right. I sang, "Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys." graduation, which by the way, is on one of my latest projects.

"Thank you for the Memories." It's a whole tribute to Willie Nelson.

Kandidly Kristin: I saw that. .

Oya Thomas: Yeah. And I, it's because I fell in love with him because I sang that song and I then I, I just dove into who is Willie Nelson, who is this man with the two pigtails like I wear? But I, I sang it. . And the thing is, I saw people giggle.

I saw people laugh, and it was like the joy that music could bring. So then I, I'd started doing it everywhere. Like I would be at a family gathering and I would be playing on the piano now mind you, honey. I didn't know what I was playing. I would, it was not, I was just hitting notes. But I, I knew my pitch though now at that age.

Okay, if I hit a note, I could hit that same note. So if I hit that note, I would sing. And I'd never forget the, the, this first song that I wrote about roller skating. We gonna go rollers skating, We gonna have a good time. And I was sing of the song and everybody in my aunt's house was laughing. I mean, laughing so hard and smiling and I, all those moments that I'm sharing with you, it, it told me,

it reminded me of what I was born to do at that early age. Like apparently this is what I was born to do. Right? That moment I knew that music, singing, bringing joy through voice that way mm-hmm. through my father, like all my experiences up to that moment. I knew that this is what I was born to do.

Kandidly Kristin: Got it. And you know what, a lot of people spend a lifetime searching for that. So that you knew that and had that so early is amazing and your voice is dope. So you were right. That's what you were born to do as far as I'm concerned.

Oya Thomas: Yeah. And, and then later as a child, I, I found out about psychology and then I recognized that that was a part of what I was also born to do because I was just so intrigued with how people could talk to people and help them release and let go and, and, you know, help them through things. And this was around eight years old, so this is, you know, some years later. Okay. And then it hit me and I got how I would recognize how people in church back from the time when I was 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, right?

Mm-hmm. , they would, they would be so connected and they would be so, yes, yes. You know, they would be so hyped up right, with the energy. But then I, being an observant child, I really noticed that the adults would not be as happy as they were on Sunday. Come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Mm-hmm. , fighting with Bills, fighting in a relationship.

Right. You know, my friends, you know, at school, you know, if they were, their parents are going through a divorce or, you know, uh, you know, different things happen in the community. You know, unfortunately, I, I would see certain things like that and people losing loved ones from like, getting shot down the street or whatever the case might be.

And if you, if you hear what we talked about from the beginning of this interview to where we're at now, you can see how all of this is integrated and how this formed me because it goes back to hurt people. Hurt people. Yeah. And the pain and the hurt and the anger and all these things that happened. And I wanted to be a part of that.

I wanted to be a part of that movement, and I wanted to figure out how I could integrate my voice in singing, in speaking to Inspire, and then also to really counsel. And then that's why I set my parents down at eight and said, Hey, I wanna use my voice to like sing and entertain people and inspire people and, you know, motivate them.

And then also I, I wanna go to school for psychology, so then I can help them process it all so that they don't just be in, they're not just inspired by my voice singing, but then they know what to do. They know what to do. Like they have the tools. Right. So that's how it all really got going. .

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Okay. All right. So, you know, I, I told you, I, I low-key stalked you after I heard your song. Look At Us Rise, so, excuse me. I was on your website and I, a quote that was on there grabbed me. So I grabbed it and I'm gonna just read it real quick. Mm-hmm. , it said, "Singing actually saved my life where I come from.

Life isn't something you live, it's something you endure. Through sheer stubbornness and the love of making people smile, I fought to become a person that could empower those around me. Learning what it took to build relationship and create spaces, not only fostered growth, but rewarded it." I thought that was just dope!

So I read that to ask you, Spirit of Oya mm-hmm. on your site it said it's more than a moment. It's a movement. So, That quote and the Spirit of Oya, how do they go together? Just, I just want you to talk to me really about the Spirit of Oya, what it is, what you do in general.

Oya Thomas: Yeah. It's, it's really about being in the spirit.

You know? It's really about being connected to your soul. It's really about the truth. It's about the love that we talked about. This is a movement, like this isn't just me singing, just to have people like dance and say, Ooh, you have a, like you said, I got a dope voice. Oh boy, that's awesome. I, I appreciate that, but that's not what it's about.

I don't just, you know, sing to sing. Right. Right. It's, it's, it's, it's what's at the core of it. It's what's in the heart of it. Right. What's in the love of it. Right. . It's, it's my way. Like we have painters, we have dancers, we have, everybody has something that they do in their ministry. You could be a dentist, , I mean, Right.

You can be a teacher, you could be whatever it is that you do within that. We're all needed. But what are you doing with your platform and sharing love and Right. Bringing us all together in love. Yeah. So that's, that's what it's about. And it's me connecting those dots and the pieces to the puzzle that I shared with you as a young child and never forgetting my little girl.

I'm with my, the, the little girl in me is what I tell people is it's the essence of who you are. Mm-hmm. . And so this is who I live for. Like, I, I always promised that I was never gonna become an adult that was bogged down with life. and forgot the joy. Yeah. The pure joy and awe of living. Yeah. So when you asked me earlier about who I am, that's like literally you will catch me somewhere and I'm gonna stop and I'm gonna look at the little lizards walking by

I'm gonna, because that's, that's the, it's just so, it feels like fluffy happiness and joy. Mm-hmm. . And it's like, it, it's like it is how I start off my morning or wrap up my evening depending on, you know, how the day goes and it me mentally healthy and well to help others. And simply beyond that allows me to experience joy every day.

Yeah. And it's, and and it's like, if you're not experiencing that, then what's the point? I'm not here to get up and do a job and pay bills and go to sleep and wake up. Like that's a part of. Things that we have to do and you know, we, we, you know, pay for our mortgage, our rent, our car food. I get all of that.

But it's, it's more to it, right? There's more to it. And we can't forget that little boy or that little girl inside of us. We can't do that. Listen that a lot of the times why a lot of us have problems, because we did forget who we, who we, you know, we were, we are.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm. . Listen, I tell people all the time, if I see a swing set, like a real swing set, I'm going to, I'm swinging

Oya Thomas: Oh, all the time.

Kandidly Kristin: See how high I can go.

Oya Thomas: I'm telling I can't pass by one either. Are you kidding?

Kandidly Kristin: Yeah. And but a lot of people, they don't even have see-saws anymore. But let there be a seesaw. Get on the other end. Let's go.

Oya Thomas: Let's go. I mean, and a, but a lot of people deny that energy inside of them because they feel like that's immature, that's not adult.

You can't do the things. No, I, I don't care what anybody says. You gonna see me skipping. You gonna see me right here on the, you know, when I, when I take out ? When I, if I, but I have some friends that say that I take out their kids as an excuse because then I get to go to the, go to the playground, um, you know, get my face painted.

Yeah. Uh, I really don't need them as an excuse, but, you know, it's, it's cool. Like, Yeah. Right. .

Kandidly Kristin: Yep. Listen, I'm gonna always try to honor the inner child.

Oya Thomas: "Do or do not. There is no try," By my mentor Yoda.

Kandidly Kristin: Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed. So how does your music intersect with the Spirit of Oya?

Oya Thomas: So, going back to the early years, once again, not forgetting my little, little self mm-hmm.

singing a church. Um, That I will, I, I, I learned from me that my voice, my, my voice, like my father's voice, where I learned it's, it just stopped everyone in their tracks. Hmm. Like, it, like, music is powerful. Yeah. And music could be used on both sides of the spectrum. Yeah. And it can, it can move to, to negative energy or positive energy.

And that's just life in general. Right. What do you choose? Right. And so the music, it gets people's attention. And then I, I learned that then they, they could hear me. Mm-hmm. , you know, I could share with them through music and then the words through the lyrics, and then the words through me expressing whether that's, you know, through the keynote, you know, doing any of my talks or trainings that, that we could really engage.

In a, in a deeper way. And so that is how they intersect, that's how they're integrated. It took me some time to figure it all out. Right. Um, I didn't have support with anybody helping me to figure that out because nobody understood it. Nobody understood. And when I, when I told you, when I sat my parents down mm-hmm.

uh, they're like, What? , When I told my friends, they were like, What? ? I even had a teacher I told to, and she told me to sit my buns back down. That it was a stupid idea. Wow. And she told me I needed to figure something else out. There's, there's no way that I was gonna go to school for psychology and do this weird thing I'm talking about.

And she told me to sit down. She told me it was done. It was never gonna work. Wow. So I had rejection after rejection, after rejection, um, by people that. Really, um, just thought my idea was dumb and stupid, that I was stupid. And then other people that loved me but didn't understand, they didn't have the bandwidth or the capacity.

Right. And then some people that loved me that, um, were trying to protect me because being an artist in, in a lot of people's, uh, view is really a dumb idea because it's not gonna pay the bills and you're gonna be struggling and you're not gonna be happy. And so there's so many different things swirling around.

Mm-hmm. that could've stopped me. But like you said, what I said in that quote, like, I was a hard headed, stubborn little girl, and I was no for answer. And I, I really pushed through and it was, it was, it was hard. And there were different things that happened along the way from, you know, having to separate myself from people.

Um, and it was, it was some really hard times in that it was, you know, But I pushed through and I'm so grateful because I'm, I'm here now. But yeah, I mean, there were, there were people I really had to completely separate from and then separate for some time until you could feel, because they didn't accept me and I wouldn't accept them not accepting me.

Kandidly Kristin: Right. So who's Oyas tribe? Like who are the people that just get, you, get your vision for the spirit of Oya?

Oya Thomas; So my father that everyone will continue to hear me talk about, um, may he rest in peace because he's crossed over. Okay. Um, he's transitioned, he. Was here physically, and he still remains spiritually a very huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge.

Kandidly Kristin: Mm-hmm.

Oya Thomas; I keep saying that for the rest of the podcast. And my grandmother, who also transitioned right after him. So that was, uh, a very, uh, rough time. But it was also a very beautiful time because during that, that time there was, uh, almost, uh, or not almost, it was like a rededication to my purpose because my aunt asked me to sing at my grandmother's funeral.

Okay. And my aunt forgot that it was my birthday of the day of my mother's, my, my grandmother's funeral. Mm-hmm. , my mother, everybody, nobody was thinking about my birthday because, , everybody was grieving and mourning my grandmother, the, the matriarch of the family. Right. But in that moment when I was singing at her funeral and speaking, and I left the, well the church, you know, standing in the front mm-hmm.

uh, there was so many people that it came up to me cuz of the same church that I grew up in with my father and my mom and my brother, my family. And they told me that they, they had to open their eyes because they, they thought my father was back there again singing.

Kandidly Kristin: What did you sing? Precious Lord. Okay.

Oya Thomas: That was my, my grandma's song. Okay. And, uh, it really hit me when they told me that about legacy and. , you know, what, what it actually means for, for your legacy, your spirit to live on even after someone passes. Yeah. And like how my grandmother and my father that I could continue to allow their message, you know, to, to live on.

Yeah. And my, my sounding board, my, my brother, the one person that never said I couldn't do anything. Mm. Now he, he was, he was young. He didn't, you know, he didn't know how to tell me how to do stuff, but if I told him I was gonna do a concert on the moon, he'd be like, Okay, what, what year? How we gonna do it?

you know, He always left it to me to figure it out, but he never, My parents, my everybody, you know, they're, No, that's not gonna happen. You know, you just get, go and get a good state job with benefits . You know what I mean? It was that kinda thing. He was the only person in my life that was just like, okay, you know, he might go back to eating cereal, but he'd be like, Okay, right.

Cool. If I tell him something. All right. And, and now after I've, I've, we have social proof. I've proven myself over the years. If I tell him now, and he could even be crazier, it's still like, Well, anybody, anybody can do it. And if I tell him something, even wilder now I'm like, This is my goal for next year.

He'll be like, Mm. Right. He'll go back to cereal. Something never changed, you know? But yeah, those are, And then, and then, you know, around that core of that immediate family like that mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . I have some really. Soul sisters and brothers, that, you know what I mean? Like, just like you have real good, good

friends, them good, good, them, good, good friends.

You go up with that, really love you. There's no competition. Right. You know what I mean? If anything, it's a fun, healthy competition. Like, no, I'm gonna get that first. But I mean, but there's no, there's no jealousy. There's like, we, we about to do this and you are like so excited to see their success. Yes.

You know, that's, that is, that is, uh, Priceless. Absolutely. And we, and we need, we need that. Yeah. Uh, we really need that. We're, we're so, we're social creatures. We, this is, we are not meant to do this alone. And that, that, again, going back to the song, Look at us Rise, right? Yes. It's about us coming together.

We, we need unity. We need to come together. We need to hold hands. We need to commune, we need to communicate, we need to love each other. It's a, that's, it's, it's not a want. It's a need.

It's a need. And, um, yeah. So that, that's, those are my loving tribe members that I'm so grateful for. And as that really, you know, helped me along the.

Kandidly Kristin: Awesome. So I'm gonna pivot a little bit. Mm-hmm. , cause I wanna talk to you about your book. Yes. The Five Star Points for Success, cuz I kind of messed it up in the intro. So its the five star points for success. Manifest Your Dreams, Live your Life's Purpose. Mm-hmm. , did that book proceed the forming of the spirit of Oya as it exists today? Or was the book born from the spirit of oil? Like which came first?

Oya Thomas: Oh no, no. It's funny, you know, I don't know if you had the opportunity to read it. My,

Kandidly Kristin: I got it, but I ain't read it yet.

Oya Thomas: Okay. Well, I, I'm pretty sure that you're going to enjoy it and I can't wait to hear your favorite parts and some of the things that you, you can really.

Kandidly Kristin: Remember you said that you, I'm gonna get on your nerves. You gonna be like, Damn you.

Oya Thomas: No, no. I, Cause I love to hear like, what are the things that help somebody heal, grow, transform, make different moves personally, professionally. Right. Um, yeah. So, so the five star points for success, I didn't know that.

It's, it, it started from my childhood and growing up, the stuff that we're talking about, I didn't know that, that, that was the book that was in me to share, but it's coupled. My life experience personally and professionally. Mm-hmm. as, as well as with my education in psychology and spiritual psychology.

And also that I'm also a certified functional practitioner. And I, I also, um, got that certification because when, when you start getting deeper into psychology and spiritual psychology, you, you recognize that what's going on on the outside of you is, but an outer manifestation of what's going on on the inside.

Kandidly Kristin: Ooh. Say that again. Mm-hmm. .

Oya Thomas: What, what you see, what's, what's going, what's, what's going on on the outside is, but an outer and manifestation of what's going on on the inside. So I was intrigued with fun shui, um, For years before that. Okay. And I would read books and stuff cuz I just like it, just like the design and all that.

I was like, Oh this is really cool and stuff. But then when I really started to go deeper and that I was like, Wow, this is, this is really cool. So it wasn't so much about me wanting to go in someone's home and like design, like this needs to go here, this and that. That it was more about that what I, even though I had to do that to actually get certified.

Right. But it's, it was more for me, what my specialty is. And Al is about environmental affirmations. So you'll find in the chapter certain things that I talk about where people don't recognize things that they have in their. or their office that's really actually not serving them. That's interesting.

It's very interesting. When I actually do my master class and I teach it and, and people get to the environment section, they, they really, they didn't really think that the environment section was gonna be as powerful as it is because I'm talking about the environment that you live in, the environment within your own temple, the environment of your friends, things like what you just asked me about your tribe.

So it's really my life work through the education, personal and professional experience that really, really, uh, shows people how, how I really push through, I utilize the five star points for. In my own life. And I, and as I level up, because it grows with you, as you can continue to grow, you can continue to use those exercises and keep leveling up personally, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, environmentally, and financially.

Uh, it continue continues to help you scale your business. So, once upon a time when you wanted to have, you know, you thought, Oh, I only wanna make, you know, a few thousand a month. Okay, no. Now I wanna make 10,000 a month. Okay, now I'm going to 30,000, 50,000, a hundred thousand, so on and so forth. So it's all encapsulated into this, uh, system.

The five star points for success and the five star points for success starts with your. Purpose and intentions. And then the five star points is the mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment. And then that last chapter is revamp Your Money Mindset and it, and it's all, all integrated to show all the importance of it all and that connection for us to really be healthy and whole and live harmoniously.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay? And y'all gonna have to get the book if you want more than that. Okay.

Oya Thomas: Or come to the master class. You can find the link to my masterclass, um, on Instagram. Just click the link in my bio and it'll go there and it'll be updated on my website. You know, whenever you're listening to this'll either be able to catch a live masterclass or, you know, get another one at a later date prerecorded win.

Or you'll be able to get into the whole Spirit of Oya ecosystem if you just, you know, check me out on those platforms. It'll be there for you to catch.

Kandidly Kristin: And y'all know I'm gonna have all of deets in the show notes, everything. Yeah, but get the book. Get the book first and read that cuz I am excited to read it. Like manifest Your Dream. Live Your Life's Purpose.

Oya Thomas: Now I do have a master class coming up next weekend now. So that's coming on up. So let me know if you wanna join.

Kandidly Kristin: All right. Oh, listen, I am absolutely trying to, I, because I podcast and I always say my hashtag is #podcastingwithapurpose.

Mm-hmm. , because I believe that this is my purpose to share different. People like you with the world, people that may not have ever heard about you, and they're like, Oh, who's this? And she wrote this, and, you know, so I absolutely may be interested in that master-class.

Oya Thomas:? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Let me know. I, I just, you know, back again, now, you know, following the story, the reason why I wrote the book and really began to take my motivational speaking seriously and in everything that I do now, is because of the very thing that I told you as a child, I would see people connect, but then they would deflate.

And then as I got older and I wanted to see motivational speakers and stuff, it was the same thing, right? Whether it's a pastor or if it's a motivational speaker and everybody like, Yeah, woohoo. Yeah, I'm gonna do it. And then they would be at that conference and they'd be all hyped up and then they'd get home and they say, Wait, now how am I gonna.

and then they, then it's like everything, the money that they invested in going to that conference or that motivational talk for whatever mo, what amazing speaker they went to go see, they didn't have any real takeaways or tools. They didn't have the strategies. They didn't know what to do. They didn't understand what needed to be done like I work with some people that.

Spent tens of thousands of dollars working with amazing mentors. I'm talking about from 10,000 to a hundred thousand and everything in between, and they did nothing with it because there were other things that were going on inside of them that needed to be healed. Because if they're limiting beliefs, they didn't believe in themselves, whatever was going on, they couldn't even take the steps that an amazing mentor might give them, right?

Because they, they just, they were paralyzed with fear for other reasons. So those are the people that I love working with. So we can get them out of that and heal so that they can really move forward and live the life they deserve.

Kandidly Kristin: I love it. I absolutely love it. So, and make the

Oya Thomas: money they deserve too within that, that and that they keep trying

Kandidly Kristin: to manifest.Yeah.

Oya Thomas: Yes. Key word. Trying once again, right? Yep. We don't try, everybody knows within the whole spirit of boy ecosystem and my memberships and everything that I do, they know that, that's a bad word. So when they come into my workshops and somebody says, Try, because it's, it's a, it's a normal word we say sometimes, right?

But they be like, ok, I'm okay. I'm sorry. They know it's a bad word. That's like using the F-word or something in my class. .

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. No, try, Just do what? You're either

Oya Thomas: gonna do it, either gonna do it or you're not gonna do it. What, what's the decision? For real? For what? What's it gonna

Kandidly Kristin: be? So, listen ma'am, what's be Oya, How does Oya define success for herself?

Oya Thomas: Mm. It's really joy. It's really love. . It's really peace, you know, happiness. I, I use the word happy a lot because people really connect to happiness. Right. But happiness is a fleeting thing. It can go in. Yes. Oh, Jesus. Mm-hmm. , you feel me? So you really wanna reside in, enjoy and love. Yes. Peace. And then I just collect happiness deposits every day.

Like, so when I'm outside and, you know, and I, and somebody's dog runs up to me and I get to talk to them and play with them or go play with, you know, um, my friends or family or have a great time like I did last night at my show and was grooving and everybody was on the dance floor and we were having a ball.

You know, those are collecting happiness little, Right. But the thing about that is if like, if you really not in peace and joy and love, I could have done that show last night and got a high right from. And then come back to my miserable life, if that's what it was, but it's not. Right. But that's a, that's a lot of, even like the celebrities, uh, that I work with, uh, that's one of the things that, uh, we talk about.

And then a lot of people that are not even celebrities, but, um, high profile people in corporate where they put on their suit and they, uh, get a high from that, but then they come home and they're not happy. Right. Imagine the boardroom platform is just like being on a stage, having thousands of people, you know, like scream your name and be so excited about your show, or you being in the head of the boardroom and, you know, people are looking up to you and you feel great in that moment in time.

But then when it's all done and you take that suit off and you, you take those eyelashes off and take those heels off, or you, whatever it is, then now you back to. The sadness, right? Yeah. And it's like you come home to nothing. Mm-hmm. . But the thing is, is like, it's not about coming home to nothing in your actual home.

It's about what's, what, what's inside of you. Right? Where you don't feel worthy, You don't feel that love. That's why it's about you connecting to the truth and to love and being, We, we gotta connect people back to that cuz a lot of people feel disconnected. Mm-hmm. . So that's what it's, that's what it's really all about.

Kandidly Kristin: Okay. Well I love that definition of success. I really do.

Oya Thomas: Yeah. Everything else comes with it now. Like, I mean, Yes. You know, it's like, cuz a lot of people, I'm gonna tell you this, like when people really get what I. Especially people like they're in business and the corporation stuff, whatever, whatever. Um, or even people that already have money and they realize that money doesn't really make 'em happy.

Right. The thing is, is that people don't really come to me to, to, like, that's not their goal to make money. It's just a byproduct. Right. We don't really even focus on that at first. We, we work on the person first, and then it's like, okay, now, now you can attract and now you know your worth and now you can really make that money that you deserve.

Right. It's a byproduct and all of a sudden they make more money than they ever imagined that they could make. Right. Right. Yeah. But it's really about the person first. Cuz money is not the, the notoriety, the fame, all of that. The position, Yeah. That's, that's, that's not really going to have you really, truly happy.

Where I say that goes to the joy, right, The love and the peace of mind. That's priceless. I don't care how much money, I mean, and think about it, uh, unfortunately we see, you know, um, I don't know my platform and you know, to the suicide prevention and stuff, but that's exactly the reason why I talk about these things because it's a lot of people that we've seen, Right, that have the biggest names, the biggest brands.

Yeah. And, and they, they have suicide. So explain that.

Kandidly Kristin: So the money, ain't it ? It's not the end all and the be all. It's gotta be more than that. Yeah. Yes. I'm actually doing the episodes, uh, soon on suicide cuz we're coming up on the seasons, uh, changing the holiday season and this is a tough time for a lot of people.


Oya Thomas: yeah. I actually have a song that I'm gonna be releasing later this month, and it's called Holiday Blues. Nice. The very thing that you're talking about. Holiday blues. Yeah. Was, was inspired by the pain that I felt losing my father and grandmother and how the holidays were no longer the same. It's like, what's the point of the holidays?

Right? Yep. So I really get it. Yep. And it's, it's not fun. And a lot of people overlook a lot of the people that's going through things and, you know, tis the season Woohoo bill. Right. They don't feel that way. They

Kandidly Kristin: don't, they don't have family, they don't have people, they don't have a tribe. So they're just like looking at all this fun stuff going on, familial stuff cuz holidays are like built around family and they don't have that per se, so they're just depressed.

The, the shorter days, less sunlight, you know, it. It's a

Oya Thomas: tough, Well, you'll hear the song and you'll get it. It's just, it's just that. It's called Holiday Blues. So that'll be coming out soon too. Oh, I can't

Kandidly Kristin: wait. So listen, I'm a segue on that and ask, ask you what is on the horizon for Oya, the singer, the spirit of Oya, the movement, you got new books, albums, projects, what's going on, , all of that.

what's going on, what you got going on?

Oya Thomas: All of that going on. So, um, definitely been working on, uh, a couple of new books. Okay. Um, always recording new music. As I told you, the holiday blues that's gonna be coming out, you know, for the holidays. I have another song that I'll be recording, uh, this month that I wrote.

That's awesome. That I think I'm gonna put out on my birthday, uh, coming up in January to start off the year. Uh, and when's your birthday? January 3rd. Okay. Ninth. , I have the masterclass, the five star points for success masterclass that, you know, everyone can, you know, check out whether it go to my website or like I said on Instagram, click the link on the bio and they'll be able to, you know, tap in.

Whether that's live or, you know, taking any of the, the other classes and things that I offer master classes and workshops and all that kind of fun stuff. And really building out a larger platform for healing, growth and transformation. Working with my team to get all of that great stuff out and allow people to, you know, really do the soul work, you know?

Yeah. And in this, in this way that I like too, you can tell my personality by now, like we do some really deep work. I mean, there's people that, you know, they got their Kleenex out cuz they know they going to be blowing their nose crying. Mm-hmm. and they feeling it, but they, the, the, the relief that they know that they get from that.

Is, uh, the reason why they show up. And they're, I love working with courageous people that, that they're willing to, to show up, face fear, and show up. Yes. And, uh, they get amazing results. And, uh, this is what keeps, keeps me going to see the, the results that everybody gets. It's the healing, you know, So that's why I do what I do.

And, and that's what's on the horizon and really excited about, uh, sharing more of it publicly than the inside work that I do with the organizations and with my one-on-one clients and such, but really putting it more out there and, uh, so yeah, working with my team to put more out so people can see it as, as how you found me.

So that's, that's what we're doing.

Kandidly Kristin: Yes. Yes. And I am super excited for every last bit of it, the song, the masterclass, whatever new book you're working on, don't know if you have one, but.

Oya Thomas: Yep. Yep. It, it's two of them that I'm working on simultaneous. Okay. So, um, one is a guide Daily and another one, Well, I'll let, I'll, uh, I'll let you see it cuz I really don't wanna give away the title.

Okay. All right.

Kandidly Kristin: But

Oya Thomas: we're finishing up, I'm finishing it up now. We're gonna get that out soon. So I'm excited about that. And all the, like I said, all the new music and I have so much music that's already out, so make sure you're checking all that stuff out on Spotify or, you know, iTunes. All this, I got a spirit of Oya was my debut.

My father's star, my father's star. Is the project that is dedicated to mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and soul care. That's linked to my documentary ending the Pain, which is about seven suicide survivors. Mm. So I'm gonna share that with you two since you're Yes, please. That and that, uh, movement as well, and that program.

Is available for people that, that really wanna bring that to their schools or their organizations around that mental health time. Really it's, you know, it's like we have these times, these months, these days, weeks, and that's all cool, but this is the everyday, right? Because we can't wait to, oh, a suicide prevention week this week because, because, you know, somebody can be going through something today.

Yes. So it's really a good time for any organization to bring this, you know, program where we, we play the documentary and, you know, with myself and I have, uh, Suicide prevention specialist and you know, the, some of the people that we're involved that, you know, can answer questions. But really it's about providing that hope.

And the reason why I did that documentary was that so people could look at those suicide survivors and see if they can do it. I can do it. So it wasn't just me giving encourag and inspiring words, but really see how they did it and how. How they cope even still to this day. Right. And if you listen to my Father's Star, the interludes are people that are sharing their experiences and it's just really powerful.

And that's a part of where, how look at us rise was also developed. And um, it's cuz it's a part of anti-bullying, anti hate, anti-racism. Mm-hmm. , you know, working through and coming through the darkness, the sadness to rise. Yeah. So that's, that's, there's so much going on. But you, But it's

Kandidly Kristin: all you love y'all.

When I tell you these show notes gonna be loaded with links, it's gonna be loaded, wouldn't you? ,

Oya Thomas: y'all gonna be

Kandidly Kristin: like, Yeah, I'll hear all the different, I want it to be easy when they go to see the show notes. I'm gonna put a little blurb on there about what we talked about. But it's gonna be link, link, link, link, link, link, link.

So whatever you can need. Yes. I appreciate Absolutely. So. Miss Oya, this is the end of the formal part of our little chat. Oh. And then we get you the fun part. Mm-hmm. . So this is gonna be 10 Kandid questions.

Okie dokey. It's gonna be 10 questions I'm gonna shoot at you. Mm-hmm. , Some of them are gonna be yes or no, some requiring more fleshed out response, but I want 'em all to be, you know, first thoughts that come to your head when you hear them. Okie

Oya Thomas: dokey. You ready?

Kandidly Kristin: All right. Mm-hmm. . First question is coffee or tea.

Tea. Okay. Second question. If you had to start your music career all over again from day one, would you do anything different?

No. Straight like that? No. Okay. Third question. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People saying,

Oya Thomas: Try .

Kandidly Kristin: Why did I not see that coming?

Oya Thomas: Don't try, we gonna do it. Or that Kubo.

Kandidly Kristin: Yes. Um, fourth question. How has your life been different from what you would imagined it to be?

Oya Thomas: Wow. How is my life different than how I imagined it to be or would be or would

Kandidly Kristin: be? Mm-hmm. , I'm

Oya Thomas: a, Well, this isn't a short, short answer. That's okay. So when I was in college, uh, I was like my freshman year, uh, maybe sophomore, but I think it was freshman, I had to do an intake and I am in one of my psychology classes.

Okay. And I. Did this, this questionnaire, this, this was supposed to tell us what we're, where we were gonna end up with our, And when I got my results back, it was like 90 some crazy percent, 95, 90 8%. Something like super high that I was gonna be a minister.

Kandidly Kristin: Oh

Oya Thomas: really? And I was like, Oh no, this, that is not right.

This is, this is somebody else's test.

Kandidly Kristin: But I kinda get it. I kinda get it. I kinda get it

Oya Thomas: though. You see where we see you, see where we going with this? Yeah. I get it. Fast forward all these years later.

Kandidly Kristin: dog on it.

Oya Thomas: If I'm not doing ministry, aren't you? Do? Um, it's just, I didn't see it. Like, whatever, however I answered those questions.

Was about me being of service and love and helping people. And it, it's, it's like, oh my gosh. It's through my music ministry. It's through my speaking and helping people connect to their soul, to the truth, to their spirit, to ignite them and love and, and peace. And bringing people together, like, Yeah. Yeah.

Duh little girl. That's it. That shoot. . Absolutely . So I, I, uh, I didn't get it then because I didn't have like some perfect title. Um, and, and, and I think I just was thinking like maybe two religious or different things growing up, like what I didn't like. And you know, that's a whole nother conversation, Right.

Of, you know, and I think that, I got caught up in thinking that that's the word. It was, but that's not what it was. And that's not what it is. But what it's, is what I'm doing right here

Kandidly Kristin: now. Yes. I love it. So, right. Fifth question. Mm-hmm. Dogs or cats?

Oya Thomas: Oh, you can't do that to me. I'm sorry. I really have to pick one.

No, I can't do that. Both

Kandidly Kristin: both listen, both is a valid answer. All right. Um, I love both. I'm a highly allergic to cats, although I'm a Leo, that makes absolutely no sense. But I am a dog

Oya Thomas: person. I mean, you know, I think in, in, in a way you can have maybe a little bit more fun with dogs outside hiking and Right.

I see people do that with their cats too. And yes, I, I have a, a cat friend, uh, that, uh, When I'm on the east coast going back and forth, that like when I take walks, the cat actually walks with me on a

Kandidly Kristin: leave. No. Oh, just

Oya Thomas: free. Okay. We have walked and the cat's like, Oh, I'm gonna go and walk with you guys.

Okay. It's like, Oh, okay. So that was fun. So, but I mean, but I love, um, they're also blossom.

Kandidly Kristin: Both is a great answer. So, next question. Mm-hmm. , what is the one thing you believe the world is lacking Most? Hmm.

Oya Thomas: You know, the first word that came to my mind,

Kandidly Kristin: uh, was love. Mm-hmm. .

Oya Thomas: And, and right next door to that thought, because of course we've talked about this in us coming together was compassion.

I think that, uh,

When, when we don't do the work within our own self, it's very challenging to see what other people are going through. But if we're really honest, that's another good word. Honest. Honest. Mm-hmm. . If you're really honest with yourself, then you can see what your brothers and sisters are going through, and you'll recognize that everybody is your brother and sister.

Like, we're all in this. Right. So

Kandidly Kristin: it's, it's that. Okay. All right. That was more than one thing, but they all really,

Oya Thomas: Yeah. I mean, they intersect so much with love. Right? We can You gonna leave with love? With

Kandidly Kristin: love? Yep.

Oya Thomas: But, um, you know, gosh, it's so many other great words that are like parts of that, like the empathy, the compassion, the honesty, you know?

Yeah. But yeah. Let's we going rock with love. .

Kandidly Kristin: All right. Introvert or

Oya Thomas: extrovert? Uh, I think I'm, um, I think it's like with that dog cat answer, I'm, I'm both, like, one minute I'm out there and another minute, like, I, I won't even use my voice or talk to anybody a weekend and I just wanna be quiet and read and feel right.

Kandidly Kristin: So, So you're either, uh, extroverted introvert or introvert extrovert. Boom. There we go.

Oya Thomas: I think I would say I'm, Extroverted because I don't mind being on stage and you know, platform and being out there and socializing and obviously connecting with people. If I was really introverted, for real, for real, I wouldn't even wanna be on these interviews and stuff like that. Right. But I

Kandidly Kristin: can You're bubbling this, your bubbling this comes through loud and clear.


Oya Thomas: So extroverted . But I can really just go, I'm telling you, I can go days. I could really just be up in the cut, go to the desert, go. I mean, I'm telling you, a cabin quiet. I don't need to be, I don't need to talk. I don't need to, you know, And I think that's a part of my refueling and as well, But I love, that's important.

I love being quiet and listening to the leaves drop. Like it's amazing

Kandidly Kristin: the waves come in. Ooh, come on. Ok. Whew. I got, I'm getting all sweaty over here. All right. Is there anything you wish that I had asked you during our chat? And what would your answer have been?

Oya Thomas: No, I really enjoyed this, this chat. I think, uh, I'm trying to think, cuz I mean, we, we've covered so much in the movement Yeah.

And how, you know, all of this is integrated with music. I mean, really as far as people hearing about, you know, the book and the music and the master classes. I mean, those are just all links. People can find out more information about what I do. But as far as having a nice, healthy, positive conversation to share about what I do on this planet and to encourage and inspire people, I hope I, I think we've, uh, we've done that

Kandidly Kristin: Yes. Yes. All right. My question, who is on your personal music playlist? Who you got on your personal playlist, what you listen to? Oh,

Oya Thomas: gosh. It's . You know, it's, it's, uh, it's so many people. It depends on the day. , Uh, it could be Willie Nelson. Okay. It could be Roberta Fla. Mm. It could be Ella Fitz Gerald. Mm. It could be Frank Sinatra.

It could be.

Kandidly Kristin: Oh,

Oya Thomas: it could be. I mean, I'm, I'm, so, It could be Bob Marley. Okay. It could be, uh, then, you know, it could be, gosh. Blues. I'm like, I'm so dependent on the mood. It can be me listening to classical blues to, uh, EDM

Kandidly Kristin: stuff. Okay. It could be,

Oya Thomas: I love classic Rock. Mm-hmm. . I was just listening to Journey. I actually performed a, a journey I did.

Don't Stop even last night. Oh my God. Um, and, and, uh, I, I did No doubt. That was so fun. Everybody was like, Oh my gosh, they hadn't heard it in so long. I did a, an event and I'm mixed in some seventies, eighties, nineties. Oh, you know who? I love the bgs. I have a whole this like when I was really little, um, I've found the movie cuz you know, they would, they replay like all the, you know, these old movies and.

And, um, Saturday Night

Kandidly Kristin: Fever. Yeah.

Oya Thomas: like one of my favorite movies. And so I fell in love with the BGS then. Right. And then, so yeah. How deep is your love? How deep is deep,

Kandidly Kristin: Right? You know, and you know what? It's so funny you pick that song because. PJ Morton does a version of that song that I absolutely love.

Oya Thomas: Oh, is that right? I didn't know that. I

Kandidly Kristin: have to check that out. But yba, oh my God, it's so dope.

Oya Thomas: Have I heard that? I dunno. You probably have, I probably have, like, I listen to all kinds of different, you know, playlists to like keep, you know, in the mix and different, like all the music of today. Um, and people, you know, that I like, that's, that's like doing they thing Kendrick Lamar, you feel me?

Yeah. Like, Yep. It's

Kandidly Kristin: just so my playlist when I'm at. Know, I put people in like, don't put your playlist on cuz you got everything from Bon Jovie to uh, Smokey Norville on there. I'm like, OK.

Oya Thomas: Know that's what I do. That's what I do. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, so, so it depends. When I'm on road trips, I do like, you know, I, I can be in the whole disco, like listen to Donna Summers a classic rock.

And then other times I just wanna trap out and be like, you know, and be like, Hey, you know, I'm here. Do what I mean, you know, hey, you know, So it just, it's just depends on the mood. And then sometimes, like I said, just want hear just some beautiful classical piano, some string, you know,

Kandidly Kristin: that's nice to study to classical music cuz it didn't have words that to distract me from what I was studying.

So that was always what I had on classical. Mm. Yeah, that's, it's good.

Oya Thomas: That's some good

Kandidly Kristin: stuff. Yes, sir. All right. 10th and final question, which is the same for everybody. , how can my listeners connect with Oya, the artist and the spirit of

Oya Thomas: Oya? Spirit of oya.com is the website and spirit of Oya is everywhere on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram's probably where I'm most, you know, social.

So definitely follow me at Spirit of Oya on Instagram. And that's where I do post different things in my story is to keep people up to date on events. And then I'll update my link Tree, Twitter, spirit of Oya. Everything is Spirit of Oya. The Facebook is spirit of Oya page, but everything else is Spirit of Oya.

That's the way to find me. And then on Spotify, um, iTunes, all of that, you know, definitely check out Spirit of Oya, my father's star in my latest project. Thank you for the memories. That's the tribute to Willie Nelson. And, um, you can find all the other singles include, including the one that. Um, is a part of this, this big movement as far as the anti-bullying and, you know, bringing us all together, the anti hate and racism.

Like, we ain't got no business doing that. That's, that's a waste of time. Mm-hmm. what the, the value of time is connecting and loving each other. And that's how we really, that's, that's what look at us rises about. So definitely support. Look at us, Rise. Check out that video on YouTube. Yes. Look at us. Rise on YouTube.

My, my page, Spirit of Oya. Um, or just type in, look at us. Rise Oya pop up. That's, that's where I really want a lot of people to go right now, cuz that's really the biggest focus of all for me right now. This look at us rise. Yep. Ugh.

Kandidly Kristin: I'm telling you that this, we are at 59 minutes and that it, it feels like 10 minutes.

I know. So, my God. Thank you so much. So listen. Kail Brown, who is one of my favorite people to quote, said that music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace and abolishing strife, and you Miss Oya Thomas and your music and your Soul Center programs. So embody that quote and the spirit of that quote.

I so appreciate you spending this time with me, giving all these gems to my listeners. I, I can't even tell you how honored I am to have had you on my show.

Oya Thomas: Well, I'm honored that you asked me to be on your show. What a beautiful show that you have. You know, we always do a little peekaboo to see, you know, who is the person Right.

What they got going. Cause all podcasts and I made a lot. Yes. And I saw that using your platform. Bless you. Bless you. For, you know, bringing all people to really talk, like you say you're about to talk about suicide, suicide prevention. Like these are topics that we need to really talk more about. And so you're using your platform in a beautiful way.

So we have that in common. And that's why I was like, Absolutely. You know, when you brought me, um, you know, asked me and brought me this invite, You know, we checked out your platform. It's like, yeah, this, this, this beautiful bean is, is doing great work on this planet. So anytime, uh, thank you. And, uh, and I also wanna say thank you for seeing me and what I'm doing as, as everyone could hear in my story, this is, it took a while to get to where I'm at, to figure this all out.

Right? Much like, you know, the, the mosaic on the front cover at Look at Us Rise. You see all this? I love it. Yeah, because it's, it, it, it's like a puzzle. It's like, to me, when like, that's why life can be frustrating sometimes and trying to get it all figured out. And it took me a while, and I also say this to inspire someone right now that just feels frustrated, like, ah, I get so much stuff going on.

Yeah. It be like that. That's how life to just keep moving and then one day you'll look up and I'm still growing, I'm still getting other pieces of the puzzle all put in, but it's just like the puzzle, Like I can see the vision now. Yeah. You know, so many pieces of the puzzle, but it's still, I got a lot more to do, you know, in this lifetime.

But, I'm just saying like, it took me a while to integrate it all, to make it all make sense. Right. You know, Cause I, it just was so much, and now it's like, now you can look at me, hear me, see me, and the way that you speak about me. It's like, yes, yes. That exactly what I do wasn't like that. Cuz people were like, Nah, that, that don't make sense.

And they couldn't explain what I did. And the whole puzzle, you totally do it either. So right now it feels really great and rewarding and my heart is happy, My little girl's happy. My, the adult me is happy. Thank you and everyone for listening.

Kandidly Kristin: Thank you so much. So guys, as you all know, the show will be transcribed and all of oyas links and there's gonna be a bunch are gonna be in the show notes.

But I want you guys to please, please, please don't forget to go to the website, www.theKandidshop.com, Kandid with K, listen to some episodes, especially this one, or three or four. Drop a review, sign up for the mailing list, like follow, share, tell your friends about the show. And until next time, I want all you guys to keep it safe, keep it healthy, and keep it Kandid.

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A talented recording artist, she has been singing and performing all her life, sharing the stage with David Foster, Brian McKnight, and Eric Benet, and has published books and guides on the development of the self and the soul. Her debut album “Spirit of Oya” is a compilation of R&B/soul and contemporary favorites and original songs. Her second album “My Father’s Star” is currently in development.

Oya earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Loyola Marymount University and her master’s degree in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Through her performances, motivational speeches, master classes, and more, Oya has empowered many. Her mantra, “Don’t let anyone or anything dim your light – including yourself! Now, go out and shine like the STAR you are!”

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