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Shahara Wright is the award-winning author of From Entrepreneur to CEO and creator of the CEO Collaboration Circle, Single Mom CEO, and Contracts Done Wright.
As a business law attorney and small business trainer, her strategies and proven methodologies have transformed the way small business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO's reduce legal liabilities and increase their bottom line.
Shahara founded The Wright Firm, PLLC over 20 years ago when she couldn't find a law firm that matched her schedule as a single mom. From a young age, she knew it was possible for entrepreneurs, especially single moms, to build a successful business their way.
After that humble start, Shahara quickly developed The CEO Effect, LLC to help CEO's of small and mid-sized companies enhance operations and execute strategic change. She hosts various interview series bring need to know information to business owners.
Shahara's success was just getting stated as her firm began assisting brands with product development, bringing products from mere concept to a fully developed and manufactured brand. Small and mid-sized businesses were seeing reduced operation costs of 20% and increased profitability by as much as 30%.
Of course, Shahara's strategies aren't just for small and mid-sized companies, she's helped entrepreneurs at all levels how to build a sustainable business, protect it, and make more money doing the work they love.
Shahara is a single mom with two boys and pursues her passion of helping single moms create sustainable businesses and build strong legacies for the generations to come.

March 18, 2022

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