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Men Grieve, Too - Tools to Help Men Deal

If you want your audience to engage fully, and for a guest to help you as a host to shine, be sure to book, Paul David Madsen for your podcast!

After losing his adult daughter and his wife to death just nine months apart, Paul Madsen dove deep into grief groups for support. There he found camaraderie and fellowship, but few other men. This prompted him to study why men are more private in their grieving processes. This led to his book, Men Grieve, Too and to invitations for keynote speeches and book tour appearances. His calling is about supporting men been who’ve lost loved loved ones and helping them to tell their story.

Dec. 16, 2022

Grieving Your Way: A Kandid Discussion on Grief & Grieving

On this episode I had the chance to sit down for a much needed chat about grief and grieving with by a few amazing guests. Ms. Cindy Burns, Facilitator of the Widows and Widowers: Finding Purpose support group on Facebook …

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