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J.A. Thomas

MSW, Web Engineer

J.A. Thomas is an award winning writer, author of The Dinner 4_1 series, and founder of DrugFr33.org . DrugFr33.org is made possible by the volunteer efforts of clinical mental health experts, law enforcement, and listeners like you and strives critical public health information about the dangers of social media use and addictions.

As a computer scientist, former Fortune 500 IT consultant, and clinical mental health researcher (TBI, BT, VT, PTSD), her works feature a distinctive lens on the technology landscape and human-computer interaction. A veterans' & LE rights and mental health parity advocate, J.A. Thomas spent over seven years interviewing active duty & retired law enforcement and veterans to inform and shape the narrative and tactical scope of The Dinner 4_1 series. Dinner 4_1 and 27 explore the dangers of automation and digital immersion in the lovelorn Free Cities of a society decimated and reconfigured by technology corporations and the pharmaceutical industry. Her works belong to the realm of psychological thriller and convey how every act of kindness and cruelty, no matter how small, echo and reverberate throughout time and space.

Telephone is the newest addition to Dinner 4_1. Released in 2020, Telephone tells the story of David Anderson, a retired police sergeant, who returns to law enforcement after burying his daughter only to discover evidence suggesting they she may not actually be dead.

The seemingly unconnected stories of a surly homicide detective, an infamous rapper turned movie star, and a powerful robotics firm combine to create a mystifying, thought provoking story which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thomas hosts the nonpartisan late night national podcast program "Unfollow," which focuses on mental health parity for the digital native and media accountability. For seventeen years, Thomas was a platform engineer and business analyst for notable companies such as Sony, Cleopatra Records, Timex, McKesson, United Water, SecureFleet, and ATCC Global.

Thomas has helped expose the deep astroturf network of mass marketing and special interests that influence and control the digital landscape, social media and much of what people consume every day on the Internet. Currently, J.A. Thomas is pairing with law enforcement and clinical mental health experts in researching means to adopt Social Media Addiction & Internet Related Disorders as a formal diagnosis into the DSM-5 after multiple forensics exams and empirically evidence backed studies provided evidence that social media platforms are inherently built to be addictive and especially harmful to adolescents and people of color.

For more information about online safety, visit www.DrugFr33.org

Today in Drone News: www.allthingsdrones.libsyn.com

The 27 Saga Audio-book is available: https://tinyurl.com/y8f56nla

Dinner 4_1 Interactive on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6PKopoHUArRYLKzYjvtjWl

"Start telling all your friends... I'm Offline."

Jan. 13, 2022

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