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Challenged as the only female in a fertile family that couldn't conceive, Frances Jones hid her true feelings of shame, hurt, and disappointment behind a mask.

It took almost 20 years for her to heal the damage that being infertile had caused her and to put feelings of unworthiness behind her. Jones hopes to prevent other women, particularly women of color like herself, from viewing themselves as "damaged goods" because they cannot conceive and bear children.

Frances Jones is a speaker, bestselling author, and transformational coach. She is the founder of Heart Desires Fulfillment Coaching, LLC. She holds master’s degrees from the University of Mississippi in accounting and educational leadership. She is a certified professional coach and Energy Leadership Index master practitioner. Frances is the former Executive Channel Producer and TV show host of
the NSpire Together TV show, which is part of the Women Win Network.

She has been featured on ABC 24 Memphis News, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates, in the Los Angeles Tribune, and in other media.

Feb. 3, 2023

Barren But Not Ashamed: A Kandid Chat on Infertility

On this episode, I had the pleasure of having the long overdue kandid chat about the highly stigmatized topic of infertility. I am joined for this important discussion by speaker, transformational coach, bestselling author of "Overcoming the Emotiona...

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