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I am Akili Atkinson a Neurodiversity Trainer, certified Purpose Coach, and certified Autism Specialist. I am the owner of the purpose consulting firm Akili’s Corner. My experience as a trainer and consultant span over 15 years of personal and professional integration, specializing in training, diversity inclusion, disability development, and technique implementation strategies. My approach is impact-oriented, balancing compassion with discipline while delivering lasting results. Akili brings fun and excitement into training allowing for different learning styles to shine.
As a Certified Purpose Coach, I translate positive assessments into viable career paths. I build on your strengths and tackle common issues such as memory, organization, and time management through coaching. My techniques allow for new opportunities with professionalism and confidence. Working with a coach will help you develop strategies to support your career planning leading to a job suited to your skills and abilities.
The impact of coaching can manifest itself through several areas of your life as you learn to trust your own inner voice. I teach how to express your purpose and help develop the courage to walk confidently into your new direction.
I am also a Distinguished Toastmaster and an award-winning speaker, placing internationally in the 2020 Toastmasters International Speech Contest. A doctoral candidate at Capella University, and I hold an MBA from Southern Nazarene University.
Purpose and passion drive my work, and I am devoted to helping people realize their own life’s purpose.

April 29, 2022

Autistic and Ausome!! A Kandid Chat about Autism Spectrum Disorder

To celebrate Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month and the millions of Ausome & Autistic people everywhere on tonight's episode we'll be talking about Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. Joining me for this important discussion are: Neurodiversity trainer, C...

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